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Alan Wake 2: All Alex Casey Lunchbox Locations in Cauldron Lake

Upgrade Saga's weapons by picking up all the Alex Casey Lunchboxes in Cauldron Lake!

Saga’s weapon upgrades come in the form of fragments left in Cold Casey Lunch Boxes surrounded by colored rocks. Here are all Alex Casey Lunchbox locations in Cauldron Lake in Alan Wake 2.

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Every Alex Casey Lunchbox in Cauldron Lake in Alan Wake 2

Seven out of eight of these lunch boxes can be grabbed after dealing with Nightingale. 

Unfortunately, the last lunchbox won’t be available until later due to the need to cut the lock off a fence. This is the Rental Cabin lunchbox. However, the rest you can get fairly early in the game. As such, you’ll pick up enough fragments from your second Cauldron Lake trip for at least one weapon upgrade.

FBC Station Lunchbox

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Right next to the parking lot, you passed the FBC Station when you first arrived in town. There are two men working on the station. But if you go past it to the other side of the building, you’ll find an Alex Casey lunchbox on the ground. I grabbed it after defeating Nightingale, which worked since it was on my way back to the parking lot.

Campsite Lunchbox

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Continuing to the left of the map, there’s a campsite if you walk on the path to the east of the murder site. In the middle of the tents and other camping supplies, there’s another lunch box. This one feels out of the way no matter when you go grab it since there’s not really a reason to go out to the campsite.

Bony-Legged Path Lunchbox

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On the other side of the General Store from the Murder Site, there’s a path going north that’s blocked off before it connects to Bony-Legged Path. When you reach the blockage, you’ll spot some colored rocks that lead you to another Alex Casey Lunchbox. Like the Campsite Lunchbox, this one is fairly out of the way for each task you have during your early Cauldron Lake visits. As such, you’ll probably end up taking a moment to hunt it down, and then continue with your objectives.

Witch’s Hut Lunchbox

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This one lines right up with the objective to find the Witch’s Hut Fuse. In the opposite direction of the Fuse Box, there’s a path that leads to a lawn chair. To the left is the Fuse you need. However, if you go down the path a bit more, you’ll find the Alex Casey Lunchbox.

Witchfinder’s Station Lunchbox

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Now, you’ve been able to find Alan Wake, and the flooding has receded. This gives you access to the path to Witchfinder’s Station. Instead of entering the house, turn to the right and continue to the top edge of the map. Here, you’ll find more colored rocks leading you to the Alex Casey Lunchbox.

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Streamside Lunchbox

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While you’re in the area, you might as well grab the Streamside Lunchbox after picking up the Witchfinder Station’s. When you’re taking the path away from the station, use the left path at the fork to reach a river. Head upstream towards a small waterfall. There are Taken on the way, and you’ll need to deal with them to reach the Lunchbox. Follow the colored rocks, and you’ll find this one really tucked away in foliage on the left side by the little waterfall.

Mortar Falls Lunchbox

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The path here has a sign as a Point of Interest, and it acts as the perfect marker for the lunchbox. Head north from the General Store on the path that isn’t blocked, and you’ll reach this area where a sign tells you about Mortar Falls. To the right, you’ll find another Alex Casey Lunchbox.

Rental Cabin Lunchbox

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Once you have the bolt cutters, you can reach this lunch box. Unlock the gate, then enter the Rental Cabins right in front of the gate. Then, you can go through the backdoor to access the next cabin. It’s inside this cabin that you’ll be able to pick up what might be your final lunchbox in the game. Here, it’s right next to the door.

And that covers all Alex Casey Lunchbox Locations in Cauldron Lake in Alan Wake 2. Now, you can use the fragments to upgrade Saga’s weapons. Getting as many as possible early can help on higher difficulties in particular. From here, check out our AW2 guides hub for more content like, all Alex Casy Lunchboxes in Bright Falls or how to open the Streamside Stash.

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