Alan Wake 2: Where to Find the Witch’s Hut Fuse

Unlock break rooms by finding the Witch's Hut Fuse in Alan Wake 2!

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The Witch’s Hut becomes your first Break Room after chapter one. Here’s where to find the Witch’s Hut Fuse in Alan Wake 2 so you can manually save.

How to Find the Witch’s Hut Fuse in Alan Wake 2

You can’t complete this task the first time you’re at Cauldron Lake. When you return, it becomes a main objective to fix the fuse box.

Visit the Witch’s Ladle

After you deal with Nightingale and get out of the morgue, the game sends you back to Cauldron Lake. Saga picks up a page and believes that they’ll find Nightingale there again. At the lake, you split up with Casey to search separately. I went to the Witch’s Hut here, but the page mentions the Witch’s Ladle. This is that weird tree that you saw earlier. You need to go there to get another page before you can do anything with the hut.

Follow the Path to the Fuse

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The page talks about the Witch’s Hut being well-lit with Saga inside it. Head back along the path to the hut. Don’t enter when you get there, instead look to the left side of the house to find the fuse box. Naturally, one fuse is missing. Turn around so the fuse box is at your back, then head down the path in front of you. You’ll find a fuse in a box on the ground, but this one is broken. So, you keep going along the path until you reach a lawn chair. Turn left and you’ll see the box with the Witch Hut fuse you need.

And that covers where to find the Witch’s Hut Fuse in Alan Wake 2. Once you have it, go back to the hut and put it in the box to unlock your first break room and save your game. From here, check out our AW2 guide hub for more topics like the best HDR settings or what the point of no return is.

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