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Alan Wake 2: How to Investigate the Previously Flooded Area

Here's how to clear that optional Cauldron Lake objective in Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake 2 has the occasional optional objective, but one of the most confusingly vague appears early in the story. I’ve broken down how to investigate the previously flooded area in Alan Wake 2 and clear it from your goals.

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How to Investigate the Previously Flooded Area in Alan Wake 2

How to Clear the Optional Goal

In order to complete this goal, you’ll need to head to the Witchfinder’s Station and look at the two documents upstairs. This station can be found in the Northwest section of Cauldron Lake, which is now accessible without flooding. As you get closer to it, two yellow magnifying glass symbols will appear on your map. Hovering over them will reveal that they’re labeled “Investigation.”

Once you reach the location, you’ll need to head inside and go upstairs. There are two rooms on the second floor and each one has a stack of white papers. Interact with both of them and move the cursor over the logo in the corner to read them. You can leave the station after this and the objective will clear from your goals. I had to walk away for a few seconds before it finally triggered.

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What Else Is There to Explore?

The lack of flooding actually reveals a lot of areas with plenty of secrets and loot you can miss. In addition to stuff like Manuscript Pages, Alex Casey lunch boxes, and some unique puzzles, there are also a couple of recurring puzzle types that can be first encountered here. I can attest that none of these helped me clear the optional objective, but you’ll likely come across them anyway on your way towards the station.

Cult Stashes

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Hidden within the previously flooded areas, as well as throughout the rest of the places Saga goes to, are Cult Stashes. These locked containers contain useful items, and later on even weapons, to help you survive. Some require a simple pattern unlock and others have puzzles, but each is well worth opening.

Nursery Rhymes

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Something else you’re bound to find are the creepy and occasionally dangerous Nursery Rhymes. These require taking nearby dolls and placing them on some chalk artwork, all to follow a central story. If you want more information about these, you’ll need to unlock the Witchfinder Station’s Computer.

Something will slightly change in the environment each time you successfully solve one. Most of the time you’ll simply find a trail leading to a reward, but you should still approach with caution. At least one of these spawned in a Wolf enemy I had to fight off as well.

You now know how to investigate the previously flooded area in Alan Wake 2. For other tricks and fixes, such as how to increase inventory space or how to fix audio issues, check out our ever-expanding AW2 guides collection.

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