Alan Wake 2: How to Find Witchfinder Station’s Computer Code

Here is where to find the Witchfinder Station Computer password in Alan Wake 2.

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Sometimes the answers you’re searching for are right under your nose, even if it’s for a computer password. Here’s how to find the Witchfinder Station’s Computer Code in Alan Wake 2.

How to Find Witchfinder Station’s Computer Code in Alan Wake 2

The password for this computer is closer than you think: it’s written on a note attached to the monitor. Unlike other codes that require some sleuthing around the area, such as the nearby Rock, Rock, Tree puzzle, this one is genuinely right in front of you.

You shouldn’t beat yourself up if you missed it, since it can actually be quite hard to see. The room is naturally too dark and requires you to use your flashlight to make things out. Unfortunately, it’s quite bright and you won’t be able to see it if you have the light focused on it.

I found the best way to read it was by centering on the food and coffee on the left and then zooming in. This made it a lot easier to read the 2547 code. If you still need help, you might want to calculate your brightness and/or HDR settings.

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What’s in the Witchfinder Station’s Computer?

Locked away on this computer are two emails regarding the Nursery Rhyme puzzles. These more or less explain why they’re around and connect them with the FBC, a certain organization that players will have come across already.

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If you were hoping for something a bit more substantial, you might walk away from this with disappointment. There isn’t a clue leading to a new weapon or something to strongly push the story ahead here. It’s arguably not an easter egg either since you’ll have already seen examples of the FBC’s presence. Thankfully this is something that can be solved pretty quickly though, and those hungry for any new lore are sure to enjoy reading through the emails.

That’s everything you need to know about how to find the Witchfinder Station’s Computer password in Alan Wake 2. While you’re in the area, it’s worth visiting some of the Cauldron Lake Nursery Rhymes. Any other tips can be found among our AW2 guides collection.

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