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Alan Wake 2: How to Solve the Lighthouse Nursery Rhyme in Watery

The Lighthouse nursery rhyme in Alan Wake 2 can be challenging to solve. Follow our guide to get Saga's Lighthouse charm.

Limericks and riddles are often lighthearted, but the ones you find around Bright Falls, Watery, and Cauldron Lake have an eeriness fitting for Saga’s story. Here’s how to solve the Lighthouse Nursery Rhyme in Alan Wake 2

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How to Complete the Lighthouse Nursery Rhyme in Watery

During Return 3: Local Girl, head up to the Lighthouse near the Trailer Park. You’ll see the Nursery Rhyme drawings right on the edge of the cliff. I almost missed this location since it’s optional, and no story objectives send you up the hill. But if you pass it, you’ll miss out on a cult stash, Break Room, Alex Casey lunchbox, and this puzzle. So, I definitely recommend taking the detour. 

The Lighthouse Rhyme Hint

This rhyme tells the story of “An old Watcher of the Sea” who ruined his eyes and tricked the ocean waves but lost “his soul’s song” in the process. It’s a rather cryptic tale, but we have enough hints that point to the following dolls: the Trickster and the Wise Elder. 

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Where to Find the Trickster and Wise Elder Dolls

Walk over to the Lighthouse entrance and pick up the three dolls you see. One is by the railing, and two are on the ledge under the window. Now, you should have the Mother, the Trickster, and the Wise Elder in your inventory. 

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Head back to the puzzle. Place the Wise Elder on the eye illustration. Then, place the Trickster on the waves symbol. 

Like other Nursery Rhymes, a dark visual distortion will flicker across your screen like a glitch, and Saga will note that something has changed. You’ll receive a Lighthouse Charm, which increases the maximum health restored in Safe Havens. In my experience, this pairs well with Logan’s Charm, as it increases your max health overall. However, the charm isn’t nearby, and you’ll have to follow a black trail down the hill to find it. 

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Where to Find the Lighthouse Nursery Rhyme Charm

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On my way to find the charm, I had to take down two tough Taken that appeared after solving the rhyme. Afterwards, I was able to follow the dark trail past the Lighthouse Break Room, and down to the main road. 

This led me to an off-beat path to the right of the bridge. I trudged through some water and under a fallen branch until I reached the charm. However, if you do this after completing the Kalevala Knights Workshop float puzzle, this area should have less water. 

That covers how to solve the Lighthouse Nursery Rhyme in Alan Wake 2. For more help with solving Cauldron Lake Nursery Rhymes or finding Alex Casey lunchboxes in Watery, head on over to our expanding AW2 guides hub

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