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Alan Wake 2: How to Solve the Wellness Center Computer Password

Your mission in Alan Wake 2 depends on finding a way around the one old guy who understands the concept of password strength.

Oh, so now you understand computer security. Great timing, old man. Here’s how to figure out Vladimir Blum’s Wellness Center computer password in Alan Wake 2.

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Security is Job One: How to Bypass Security in Alan Wake 2’s Wellness Center

In “Old Gods,” Saga’s trip through Bright Falls takes her to the Valhalla Nursing Home’s Wellness Center, in search of the missing Tor Anderson.

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The Wellness Center is initially abandoned, but you’ll need to open the electronically-locked door in the rehabilitation room before you can find Tor. Happily, the security room isn’t locked, which seems like a flaw in the system, but administrator Vladimir Blum has been reasonably clever about his login code. It takes a little detective work to figure this out.

Wellness Center Puzzle Solution

Like a lot of other puzzles in AW2, all the clues you need are in the same room as the computer. I’ll go step by step through this, so you can take as much or as little help from this article as you need. Saga will also open a section devoted to this puzzle on the case board in her Mind Room, which can help both you and her get your thoughts in order.

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Here are the particular clues you’re looking for:

  • The letter from the Koskela brothers to Vladimir, in the open filing cabinet near the computer.
  • The 4-month wall calendar tacked up on the bulletin board.
  • Vlad’s open journal, on the counter next to the sink.

The letter informs Vladimir that he’s been approved for membership in the Cult of the Tree, and that its traditions involve an induction ceremony that’s held on the day after the next new moon.

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Next, read Vladimir’s journal. There are two big takeaways here, one of which Saga will say aloud. One is that Vladimir is from Russia, so he uses European date convention, which lists the day before the month. Americans typically list the month before the day.

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The other is that Vladimir is stoked to join the Cult of the Tree. The date of the ceremony is very important to him.

The Koskelas’ letter isn’t dated, but as per Vladimir’s journal, it arrived on August 15. According to his wall calendar, the next new moon after that was on August 16, so Vladimir’s ceremony was scheduled for August 17.

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Translate that date into European format to get Vladimir’s password: 170823.

Use that to gain access to his computer. This lets you open the electronic locks throughout the Wellness Center.

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You can also get into Vladimir’s email, which gives you a hint on how to open the Workshop next door.

If you’re trying to fill out Saga’s case board as you go, be sure to grab as much evidence as you can from the security room before you input the password. If the Investigation icon disappears from your map, you’ve found all there is to find here and can move on.

There are a few crucial clues from the security room that can play into a number of other investigations, primarily ones related to the Cult of the Tree. If you’re really invested in AW2‘s mysteries or are simply a completionist, you won’t want to miss out on Vladimir’s pieces of the puzzle.

That’s how to solve the Wellness Center computer puzzle in Alan Wake 2. For more tips and guides, check out our dedicated game hub.

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