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Alan Wake 2: Top 10 Best Weapon Upgrades

Here's our list of the Top 10 best weapon upgrades in Alan Wake 2, including tips on how to use them.

Players have access to a number of weapons in the game, which can be improved with special weapon upgrades. Our guide will provide you with a list of the top 10 best weapon upgrades in Alan Wake 2, including tips on how to use them.

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Top 10 Best Weapon Upgrades in Alan Wake 2

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Best Hunting Rifle Upgrades

Way Home Upgrade

The hunting rifle is Saga’s most powerful weapon and it can be effectively used against all types of enemies at mid- and long-range. But it becomes especially valuable with the Way Home upgrade, which penetrates the Darkness Shield, a special shrouding shield used by the Taken.

Kill Shot Upgrade

Although you spend most of your time in the game in confined areas, you’ll need some precision when you’re out in the open. The Kill Shot upgrade allows you to enter a focus mode, which increases accuracy and damage.

Best Pump-Action Shotgun Upgrades

Faster and Faster Upgrade

A shotgun could be an excellent alternative to the rifle for close-quarters combat. Of course, the damage output isn’t as huge, so you’ll be spending more bullets. This upgrade guarantees that your rate of fire is high, enabling an automatic fire mode.

Stay on Course Upgrade

This upgrade is similar to the rifle’s Kill Shot, significantly improving your accuracy and damage. I must warn you that you need to stand still to be able to achieve good results with it, because of the reduced recoil and bullet spread when doing so.

Best Hunting Crossbow Upgrades

Magnetic Pull Upgrade

The crossbow is a fantastic weapon against the Taken, who tend to move in a random and erratic manner. This makes it really hard to pull off not just a headshot, but even just shooting their torso. Fortunately, this upgrade allows you to shoot magnetized bolts that attract bullets to the same spot. Even if you technically miss the Taken, you’ll still hit them.

Pull the String Upgrade

This is basically a charged shot upgrade, which provides you with a straighter arc for better accuracy and increased damage. Note that you need to hold the fire button for this shot to charge, but once you get used to it, this mechanic will be extremely helpful.

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Best Sawed-Off Shotgun Upgrades

Ready for More Upgrade

A sawed-off shotgun is useful only at close range, just like a pump-action shotgun. But I believe that this may be an even better weapon due to the wonderful Ready for More upgrade, which heals you after each successful kill. The amount of restored HP depends directly on the enemy’s level of strength.

Fluid Motion Upgrade

Unfortunately, a sawed-off shotgun has a very slow reload speed, unlike a pump-action shotgun, so you absolutely will need this upgrade, which does nothing but increases the reload speed. It may not look as important at first, but once you try it, you’ll know why you needed it.

Best Pistol Upgrades

Again and Again

The pistol is the least powerful weapon in the game, so you’ll need to shoot a lot more frequently to be able to deal enough damage. This upgrade enables the automatic fire mode if you press and hold the fire button.

More Bullets Upgrade

Obviously, you’ll need a bigger magazine if you shoot a lot more bullets. This upgrade does exactly that and increases the capacity of the pistol magazine by 50%. I highly recommend combining these two upgrades together for a truly efficient use of this weapon.

That’s it for our list of the Top 10 best weapon upgrades in Alan Wake 2. Stay tuned for more AW2 tips and tricks right here.

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