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Alan Wake 2: Where to Find All Writer’s Journey Videos

Follow the Trail of the Writer in Alan Wake 2 for all the Television Videos.

If you’re looking to get the Trail of the Writer achievement/trophy, you’ll need to piece together Alan’s forgotten time in his Writer’s Room. To do so, here’s where to find all eight Writer’s Journey Videos in Alan Wake 2. 

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Every Writer’s Journey Television Video Location in Alan Wake 2

Everything about Alan’s Initiation chapters is darker than Saga’s side of the story. He is trapped in the Dark Place, after all. This means that his television segments don’t offer the comedic relief that I love from the Koskela Brothers commercials. Instead, they’re eerie tapes of Alan’s spiraling thoughts. 

Collecting Writer’s Journey Videos is the same as commercials. All you have to do is walk up to them, and they’ll be added automatically. You can view them anytime from Alan’s Writer’s Room. There are eight in total, some of which are easy to miss. I had to reload a few saves to get the last few, so hopefully, this guide helps you avoid my mistakes.

Missing a specific Video? You can navigate to it quickly using these links: 

The Dark Place

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Chapter: Initiation 1 — Late Night.

This Television Video is directly linked to the story, so you can’t miss it. As you’re escaping the Talk Show Studio, you’ll come across a backroom after meeting Ahti and retrieving the Angel Lamp. Use the lamp on the single flickering TV in the room. This will trigger the Video, end the chapter, and transform the room around you. 


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Chapter: Initiation 2 — Casey.

Once you arrive on the streets of the Dark Place, you’ll find yourself on Ocean Ave. Head north until you pass an alley and come across the Vision TV Shop. In the display window, a collection of TVs will play “Writing.” This one is also easy to grab, as you’ll come this way to get your flashlight and revolver later on. 

Murder Sites

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Chapter: Initiation 2 — Casey.

As you go through the Caldera Subway Station, you’ll naturally come to a Break Room before heading into the Derailed Train scene. The television is tucked between a few lockers, which you can also loot for items. 

The Dark Presence

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Chapter: Initiation 4 — We Sing.

When I found this, I was still singing “Champion of Light” to myself. But thankfully, I wasn’t so distracted that I missed it. Once you’re back outside, go back to the Vision TV Shop. This time, “The Dark Presence” will play in the display window. However, it’s missable if you don’t collect it before completing Initiation 5


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Chapter: Initiation 5 — Room 665.

I consider this the most missable Television Video, as I had to backtrack a couple of hours to get it. If you don’t get it before completing Initiation 5, you can’t grab it unless you have a save. It’s located in Room 101 on the first floor of the Oceanview Hotel, which is locked when you come upon it. When you reach the Ballroom Break Room, you’ll pick up the key to Room 101. 

In my case, I picked up the key, forgot I had it, and completed the chapter. When I finally remembered and unlocked the room, the TV wouldn’t turn on. So, even if you have the key, the Video won’t pop. As such, I recommend going straight to Room 101 before continuing with the Ballroom scenes.  


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Chapter: Initiation 7 — Masks.

“Drowning” is also extremely missable. If you’re worried about hitting a point of no return, you’ll likely veer off to find collectibles. The problem is, if you leave the area too soon, you won’t get it.

After chatting with Ahti in the Talk Show Studio, you’ll be tasked with finding Alice’s photos in the basement. Using the Angel Lamp, head to the location and get her photos from the shoebox. The point of no return isn’t until you finish Zane’s Film, so don’t worry about that here. Go to the back room with the flickering TV we saw in the first chapter. Use the Angel Lamp to end this part, and the Video will automatically play. You’ll also receive a radio segment for Ahti titled Yötön Yö. 

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Stop Writing

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Chapter: Initiation 8 — Zane’s Film.

Once you arrive at the Poet’s Cinema, enter the Break Room in the lobby near the concession stand. The Television Video will automatically play. In it, Alan grapples with the question: “How do you run from an idea?” Perhaps the answer is to stop entirely. 


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Chapter: Initiation 8 — Zane’s Film.

As we’ve learned from Saga’s loops in the Overlap, they’re temporary. You can’t return to those areas unless you have a timely save. This is also the case for Alan’s last Video. When you get stuck in a loop in Initiation 8, go through it three times. In the main room where you’ve been hearing voices, there’s a new door to continue the story, but there’s also another door with a glowing red exit sign above it. Open that door instead, and you’ll receive the final Writer’s Journey tape. 

At this point, the Trail of the Writer achievement popped up for me. I had to wonder if this Writer’s Journey was truly complete, though. If you look at Alan’s Writer’s Room, it will say you’ve found eight out of nine Videos. Getting the achievement means you’ve completed it, but I imagine with NG+, we’ll be able to find that ninth tape. 

That’s all the Writer’s Journey television locations in Alan Wake 2. To learn about the meaning behind the Spiral Doors or what the ending means, head over to our dedicated AW2 guides hub

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