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Princess Peach as Swordfighter Peach
Screenshot by GameSkinny

All Castle of Thorns Sparkle Gem Locations in Princess Peach: Showtime!

Castle of Thorns has 10 Sparkle Gems, here's how to find them all!

Sparkle Gems aren’t just collectibles. You actually need to gather enough of them on each floor if you want to beat that floor’s boss and move upstairs. So, it’s important to know how to get them. To help, here are all Castle of Thorns Sparkle Gem locations in Princess Peach: Showtime!

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Princess Peach: Showtime!: All 10 Castle of Thorns Sparkle Gems

First Sparkle Gem Location

Sparkle Gem 1
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Once you reach the end of the first section, there are three flowers. Defeat the enemies nearby, then use Sparkle Power on each flower for the first Sparkle Gem. They become little spotlights, and this also opens your path to the next area.

Second Sparkle Gem Location

Sparkle Gem 2
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Continue into the next area, where you need to bolster the little fighters with Sparkle Power. Then, you’ll come to a stone building with a staircase. Run up the stairs, then to the left, and pick up the second Sparkle Gem.

Third Sparkle Gem Location

Sparkle Gem 3
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Go through the rest of the area, using Sparkle Power on the pots with branches sticking out to make flowers bloom. At the end of this area, help the Theets fight the vines by giving them a Sparkle Power boost. After it’s defeated, hop up to the little Theet on the right and make the flowers near him bloom. As a reward, he gives you a Sparkle Gem.

Fourth Sparkle Gem Location

Sparkle Gem 4
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Moving to the next area gives you the Swordfighter Peach outfit. Now, use it to cut away the purple vines and the enemies that spawn in the area surrounding the platform for another Sparkle Gem.

Fifth Sparkle Gem Location

Sparkle Gem 5
Screenshot by GameSkinny

As we continue to the right, the entrance to the next area is blocked by vines. Destroy the vines to not only clear the entrance, but earn another Sparkle Gem in the process.

Sixth Sparkle Gem Location

Sparkle Gem 6
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Here, we come upon a stage with six enemies on it. They attack in groups of three, and you learn how to parry attacks here. Defeat the enemies and practice your new skill, then you receive a Sparkle Gem once the last enemy falls.

Seventh Sparkle Gem Location

Sparkle Gem 7
Screenshot by GameSkinny

When you leave the stage, there’s a bunch of boxes and two platforms. Hop onto the higher platform and strike a pose with ZL or ZR to move down to a new area. Defeat the enemies in this area to earn a Sparkle Gem. Then, strike another pose in the light to head back up.

Eighth Sparkle Gem Location

Sparkle Gem 8
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Now, go right until you hit another stage. This time, it has three enemies, but one is larger. Defeat the little enemies, and then the larger ones attack. Jump over the shockwave of his hammer hitting the ground to bounce on his head and stun him. Then, slice him with your sword and collect a Sparkle Gem.

Ninth Sparkle Gem Location

Sparkle Gem 9
Screenshot by GameSkinny

In the next section, we’re climbing up the stairs outside of the castle tower. As you go, you find enemies on raised platforms. Hop on the platforms before the large purple vine and defeat the enemies, letting you grab the Sparkle Gem on the longer platform.

Tenth Sparkle Gem Location

Sparkle Gem 10
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Naturally, the final Sparkle Gem is received from the boss of the level. Attack the vines near the glowing circle on the ground, then destroy the large vine it spawns. This leads the flower to hit the ground. Jump over it at the right time to go slow motion and bounce on its head, which lets you then strike it with your sword. Repeat this twice to beat the boss and complete the level.

And those are all the Castle of Thorns Sparkle Gem locations in Princess Peach: Showtime! At an early level, it’s harder to miss these gems. However, that isn’t the case as we move forward to the next levels. From here, check out our guide hub for content like how to unlock all of Princess Peach’s transformations.

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