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Umbreon, Chimecho, Snorlax, and Leavanny during a picnic in Pokemon Violet
Screenshot by GameSkinny

All Friendship Evolution Pokemon

Bonding with each of your Pokemon is important, but only these 18 will evolve with high friendship.

Throughout the Pokemon franchise, evolution has played a vital role in training your Pokemon to be strong partners. While most will grow more powerful and complete this transformation by leveling up, others evolve by stone, trade, executing step-by-step processes, or by forging an unbreakable bond with their trainer.

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Following the introduction of the friendship mechanic back in Gen II, there are now 20 species of Pokemon obtained by raising friendship. Bonding methods have come a long way, from lengthy bike rides with a Soothe Bell in hand to tossing a ball during a picnic, but these Pokemon will faithfully evolve with high friendship.

All Pokemon That Evolve With High Friendship

1. Pichu

Close-up shot of Pichu in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
Screenshot by GameSkinny

While Pikachu debuted as the face of the Pokemon franchise in Gen I, its first-stage form was later introduced in Gen II. Pichu, one of several baby Pokemon, requires a high level of friendship to evolve into Pikachu.

2. Cleffa

Cleffa at Crystal pook in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Like Pichu, Cleffa is a baby Pokemon that first appeared in Gen II’s Gold & Silver. With high friendship, the pure Fairy-type will evolve into Clefairy. To encourage its final evolution into Clefable, however, you’ll need a Moon Stone.

3. Igglybuff

Igglybuff sings in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
Screenshot by GameSkinny

In the same vein, Igglybuff is another Gen II baby Pokemon that evolves with high friendship. Its second stage, Jigglypuff, also requires a Moon Stone to complete its evolution into Wigglytuff.

4. Golbat

Golbat's summary in Pokemon Legends: Arceus
Screenshot by GameSkinny

While Zubat will faithfully evolve into Golbat at Level 22, the second-stage Pokemon can only complete its evolution into Crobat with high friendship.

5. Alolan Meowth

Close-up shot of Alolan Mewoth in the Pokemon Sun & Moon anime
Image via Bulbapedia

The Kantonian Meowth line doesn’t require any tricks when it comes to evolution, but its Alolan variants are tougher to please. Alolan Meowth needs a high level of friendship with its trainer to evolve into Alolan Persian.

6. Chansey

Trainer poses with her Chansey in Pokemon Violet
Screenshot by GameSkinny

As rare as Chansey is, it’s not as tough as you might think to register its evolved form to your Pokedex. Since Chansey boasts a high 140 base friendship level, nurturing its evolution into Blissey is quite easy.

7. Eevee

Eevee plays in a field of flowers in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Known as the Evolution Pokemon, Eevee can evolve into one of three different forms with high friendship: Espeon, Umbreon, or Sylveon. If it evolves during the day, you’ll get Espeon. At night, Umbreon. However, the day/night cycle doesn’t affect its transformation into Sylveon; instead, your Eevee must also know a Fairy-type move.

Note: In Generations VI and VII, Eevee’s evolution into Sylveon is determined by its affection level, a mechanic separate from friendship. This process requires two hearts and a known Fairy-type move.

8. Munchlax

Munchlax in a field of flowers in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Munchlax was introduced in Gen IV, long after its final form’s Gen I debut. Much like Snorlax, it was pretty tough to find in the original Diamond & Pearl and requires a powerful bond with its trainer to evolve.

9. Togepi

Togepi's Pokedex entry in Pokemon Sword
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Togepi was among the first baby Pokemon to be introduced in Gen II. Now a Fairy-type, Togepi needs a high level of friendship to evolve into Togetic. To finish the evolution line with Togekiss, you’ll need a Shiny Stone.

10. Azurill

Azurill by the water in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Azurill is one of the toughest baby Pokemon to evolve due to its lacking stats, a task not helped by its high friendship requirement. Once it evolves into Marill, it will again evolve into Azumarill at Level 18.

11. Budew

Budew's summary in Pokemon Legends: Arceus
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Budew will evolve into Roselia when it forms a powerful bond with its trainer. In line with its lore, however, the Bud Pokemon can only complete this transformation during the day. A Shiny Stone can then be used to evolve Roselia into Roserade.

12. Chingling

How to Find and Catch Chingling Teal Mask DLC Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
Screenshot by GameSkinny

A personal favorite of mine, Chingling, is a baby Psychic-type that evolves into Gen III’s Chimecho when a strong bond is forged with its trainer. The process can only be completed at nighttime, though.

13. Buneary

Buneary's summary in Pokemon Legends: Arceus
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Since its arrival in Gen IV, Pokemon fans have joked that Buneary absolutely hates its trainer. With a base friendship level of zero, you’ll need to take great care to befriend Buneary and evolve it into Lopunny.

14. Riolu

Riolu's summary in Pokemon Legends: Arceus
Screenshot by GameSkinny

The Riolu line is one of the most well-known when it comes to friendship evolution. Introduced in Gen IV, Riolu will evolve into Lucario when it bonds with its trainer, though the transformation will only occur during the day.

15. Woobat

Woobat's summary in Pokemon Sword
Screenshot by GameSkinny

If the Woobat line has one fan, it’s me. Befitting its lore, the lovestruck Bat Pokemon will evolve into Swoobat when you foster a high level of friendship.

16. Swadloon

Close-up shot of Swadloon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Another friendship evolution that just makes sense, Swadloon evolves into the Nurturing Pokemon, Leavanny, with a strong bond. (And Swadloon is so cuddly, it’s not a problem at all.)

17. Type: Null

Type: Null evolves in Pokemon Sword
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Much like Buneary, Type: Null boasts a base friendship level of zero. The Synthetic Pokemon has good reason to keep its guard up, so you’ll need to work hard at raising its friendship to foster its evolution into Silvally.

18. Snom

Close-up shot of Snom in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Gen VIII’s memeable Snom is the latest addition to the friendship evolution bunch. Befriend the Bug-type snowball, and you’ll have yourself a Frosmoth. Naturally, this evolution must take place at night.

As more Pokemon are introduced in future generations, we’re bound to meet even more whose bonds with their trainers make them stronger partners. For now, check out our Pokemon Scarlet & Violet guides hub to learn more about raising friendship levels in Gen IX.

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