If you're looking for all of the Spirit Mail locations in Kena Bridge of Spirits, this guide has you covered.

All Kena Bridge of Spirits Spirit Mail Locations: How to Get The Last Stop

If you're looking for all of the Spirit Mail locations in Kena Bridge of Spirits, this guide has you covered.

Kena Bridge of Spirits Spirit Mail is arguably the most well-hidden collectible type in the game. The locations for each are often in obscure, out-of-the-way places that take some real effort to explore. But finding all 10 helps you find all of the game’s Rot and Hats, and it gets you The Last Stop (silver) trophy. 

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As you make your way through the game, you’ll be looking for gold glowing bags that look like medieval coin purses. There aren’t as many Spirit Mail locations in Kena Bridge of Spirits as there are for Rot and Hats, but you’ll have to venture off of the beaten path to discover them.

You can return them to houses in the village to unlock little story bits about secondary spirits in the game, as well as Hats and other items that may be locked behind corruption. 

Remember: You can check how many you’ve found in each area by pausing the game and highlighting a specific location on the map. The collectible tallies can be found on the right side of the screen.

Village (3)

Spirit Mail #1

The first Spirit Mail is found after opening the Taro Gate by the Hat Cart. Approach the third house on the right, and go to the back. Use the Rot to move the large barrel, then jump on it and into the house. This one is floating on a desk inside.

Spirit Mail #2

Go to Zajuro’s Shrine, and take the left path. Go through the portal, then through the cave with water. When you exit, go right under the bridge, then between the two houses in front of you.

On the backside of the houses, turn left, then through the door on the left. Go all the way to the top of this building to find this one on a desk (be sure to look for the tether point on the third floor).

Spirit Mail #3

After opening the portal for the second Constellation Gate in Toshi’s Love (the one where you must shoot four pillars on top of the gate), go through the portal. Climb up the cliffs on the other side, turn right at the top, and climb up the small cliff. Shoot the tether across the way, and follow the path left and through the portal that opens. 

Turn around on the other side. This Spirit Mail will be on the right side just ahead (across from a chest with the Samurai Hat).

Rusu Mountain (1)

From the Mountain Ruins fast travel point, follow the critical path across the rock pillars along the waterfall. You’ll circle around to a large cliff face where you can go left or right. Climb right, along the edge, to find a cave with the collectible.

Forgotten Forest (2)

Spirit Mail #1

Complete the Water Shrine. With your back to the shrine, use the Forest Tear to destroy the corruption in the back left portion of the ruins in front of you. Use the stone block there to climb the ledge to the left of the warp stone.

Climb up, and turn left. There will be a downed tree bridging two areas. To the left of the bridge is a tether. Use it, then turn right mid-air for another tether point. Turn left mid-air after using that one for another. You’ll land on a stump with the Spirit Mail collectible.

Spirit Mail #2

From the Forest entrance, stay left until you arrive at the water. There will be a huge stump in front of you. Pass the stump, and follow the path until you come to three yellow lanterns and a large wheel on the right.

Turn left and use the tether to start climbing the God Tree. Keep climbing until you see another tether. Drop down on the branch below you, and shoot the tether point on the far side. Climb around right, and drop down to find the collectible by a stack of boxes.

Storehouse (1)

Acquire the bomb ability in the Storehouse and turn around (heading back toward the entrance). At the first left, you’ll see a pile of rock on the ground. Use the bomb to levitate them. Jump on the second one and throw another bomb at the rock below in front of you. Use those to climb up to the next area.

Destroy the corruption in the small building in front of you and go inside. This Spirit Mail is on the floor.

Fields (1)

After beating the guardian at the forge, go out to the area overlooking the fields. There will be an elevator to your right. Go left, and follow the path down.

Solve the puzzle by shooting the tear piece down from the ceiling and using the rot to activate the pad to the right of it. Swim across to the far left side and follow the path around right for the mail.

Village Heart (2)

Spirit Mail #1

At the Grove for the Adira’s Regret objective (northwest of the Forge and Hat Cart), there will be a building on the right side of the area. Go inside and turn left. This Spirit Mail is on a desk.

Spirit Mail #2

When you reach the Village Heart Entrance Warp Point, follow the path toward the large door ahead. Head left when the oath opens up, and stay left. Turn right when you get to the cliff. You’ll see a blue wall across the gap.

Look down and use your bomb to activate a rock platform with a tether. Use the tether and drop down to the handholds on the cliff. Climb up, destroy the wall, and grab the mail.

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And those are all of the Spirit Mail locations in Kena Bridge of Spirits, what you’ll need to uncover if you’re after The Last Stop (silver) trophy. If you found this guide useful, consider heading over to our other Kena Bridge of Spirits guides for more! 

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