All Skill Fruit Tree Locations in Palworld (with Maps)

Finding a Skill Fruit Tree can grant you a rare abilities in Palworld.

Character standing in front of a Skill Fruit Tree.
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Whether you’re looking for a specific skill to teach a Pal or want your team to have various abilities, you must find Skill Fruits. These are all Skill Fruit Tree locations in Palworld so you can harvest all the fruits you need.

Where to Find All Skill Fruit Tree Locations in Palworld

There are 17 Skill Fruit Trees located throughout the Palpagos Islands. Each tree produces three Skill Fruits. Each fruit can be a different element and teach a different skill, or some can be the same. They can be varying rarities, as well.

While the area’s environment can impact an egg’s element, that isn’t the case with Skill Fruit. You aren’t likely to find three Fire skills on Mount Obsidian just due to the high temperature.

Skill Fruit Tree glowing at night.
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How to Find Skill Fruit Trees

Skill Fruit Trees don’t have vegetation or leaves on them. They only have Fruit balls that look like ornaments. Look for trees with blue shimmers in dense vegetation. I use this distinctive glow to find them at night. Be sure to search each area carefully, but I suggest beginning at the highest point of an area, then going to the lowest points. Then search in between.

Palworld Skill Fruit Tree Maps and Coordinates

Skill Fruit Tree locations.
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Skill Fruit Tree map locations.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

These are all of the coordinates for each Skill Fruit Tree in Palworld.

  • -188, -403
  • -455, -32
  • 334, -41
  • -14, -485
  • -244, -203
  • 204, -452
  • 290, 253
  • 365, -317
  • 328, 483
  • -148, 581
  • 186, 429
  • 149, -25
  • 51, -53
  • -622, -260
  • -554, -624
  • -192, -519
  • -36, -166

Those are all locations for Skill Fruit Trees in Palworld. For more on Skill Fruit, where to farm other resources, or what the best pals for your base are, head to our guides page.

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