All Vampire Survivors Weapon Combinations

Want to survive the onslaught of monsters in Vampire Survivors? Here are all the weapon combinations in VS.

Weapon combination chest in Vampire Survivors
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Each weapon you get when slaying the undead has a unique attack or effect, and can also evolve into more powerful versions. They can also be combined to make entirely new death dealers. In this guide, I’ll detail all the weapon combinations in Vampire Survivors

How to Combine Weapons in Vampire Survivors 

Every weapon must reach Level 8 before we can start combining them into awesome new variants. As you kill enemies and collect experience, you can choose to upgrade one of your weapons, something you’ll know if you’ve been addicted to VS like I have.

But once it hits Level 8, which isn’t necessarily an easy task, depending on your gear, all you have to do is pick up the correct weapon or item either on the map or through leveling up your character. Once both of these criteria have been met, the next chest you open will be the combined weapon. 

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All Vampire Survivors Item Combos

  • Ashes of Muspell: Flames of Mispell and Torrona’s Box
  • Bi-Bracelet: Bracelet.
  • Bloody Tear: Whip and Hollow Heart
  • Boo Roo Boolle: Mille Bolle Blu and Spellbinder
  • Crimson Shroud: Laurel, Metaglio Left, and Metaglio Right
  • Death Spiral: Axe and Candelabrador
  • Echo Night: Summon Night and Duplicator
  • Godai Shuffle: Four Seasons, Candlebrador, and Spinach
  • Gorgeous Moon: Pentagram and Crown
  • Festive Winds: Silver Wind and Pummarola
  • Fuwalafuwaloo: Vento Sacro and Bloody Tear
  • Heaven Sword: Cross and Clover
  • Hellfire: Fire Wand and Spinach
  • Holy Wand: Magic Wand and Empty Tome
  • Infinite Corridor: Clock Lancet, Silver Ring, and Gold Ring
  • J’Odore: Mirage Robe and Attractorb
  • La Borra: Santa Water and Attractorb
  • Mannajja: Song of Mana and Skull O’Maniac
  • Muramasa: Night Sword and Stone Mask
  • No Future: Runetracer and Armor
  • Phieraggi: Phiera Der Tuphello, Eight Sparrow, and Tiragisú
  • Sole Solution: Victory Sword and Torrona’s Box
  • Soul Eater: Garlic and Pummarola
  • Thousand Edge: Knife and Bracer
  • Thunder Loop: Lightning Ring and Duplicator
  • Tri-Bracelet: Bi-Bracelet
  • Unholy Vespers: King Bible and Spellbinder
  • Valkyrie Turner: Shadow Pinion and Wings
  • Vandalier: Peachone and Ebony Wings
  • Vicious Hunger: Gatti Amari and Stone Mask

Best Weapon Combos in Vampire Survivors

Although combining weapons in Vampire Survivors will make them more powerful, not all are created equal. There are a handful that stand out among the rest. Here are some of my favorite weapon combinations.

Bloody Tear

The Bloody Tear weapon attacks the same way as the Whip. It slashes back and forth in the direction you’re facing. However, it has a higher chance of landing critical hits. On top of that, you gain eight health points every time you land a critical hit. This makes it one of my favorite weapons because you’ll constantly be healing yourself while taking out hoards of enemies.

Death Spiral

My personal favorite weapon is Death Spiral. Like Garlic, it’s an AoE attack where any enemy that steps foot in the circle around you will take damage. This is great at taking out groups of smaller enemies in one go. I find that there’s no better way for crowd control. This weapon also has a chance of restoring one hit point every time you kill an enemy. While this might not sound like a lot, you’ll be killing tons of small enemies at once, almost guaranteeing that you’ll restore a good amount of health.

La Borra

La Borra will rain bottles of holy water from the sky, dropping them around you and leaving pools of fire on the ground. Any monster that steps foot in it will take damage. This is one of my favorite weapons because it’s one of the most effective ways to keep enemies from getting close to you. There’s no limit to how many enemies can get hit, which is fantastic when you’re surrounded by hundreds of monsters.

Those are all the weapon combinations in Vampire Survivors, as well as some of my personal favorites and recommendations. Looking for more? Check out our dedicated VS guides hub, where you can find articles on things like how to evolve Report! or how to beat Red Death.

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