Another Eden Black Pearl Farming Guide

Can't seem to find any of the new black pearls? You'll need to look in out of the way places in the Dragon Palace to start farming them and earn your rewards!

Can't seem to find any of the new black pearls? You'll need to look in out of the way places in the Dragon Palace to start farming them and earn your rewards!

Classic JRPG/mobile gacha mashup Another Eden has an all-new episode that adds an extra dungeon to stomp, new party members to find, and of course, some collectibles for earning new rewards.

The 1000 Year Ark Of The Ocean Palace event revolves around some truly weird Japanese culture stuff that North American players probably can’t even begin to comprehend, from a girl pretending to be a squid to perverted old turtles and the importance of homemade pasta.

Throughout this bizarre story, you’ll have the opportunity to pick up three new characters:

  • Sheila (gained automatically through the quest)
  • Nagi (discoverable through Dreams)
  • Chiyo (discoverable through Dreams)

Apart from the extra party members, the big draw here is acquiring black pearls after completing the Dragon Palace segment of the story mission.

Haven’t been able to find any yet? We’ve got you covered with a full break down of how to pick up the pearls and earn some sweet rewards.

Finding The Dragon Palace

To kick off this event and start the Where The Seaweed Is Always Greener quest, pull up the map and fast travel to Acteul in the Antiquity 20,000 BC timeline.

Look for the single boat with a blue sail on the north side of the town. It’s just to the northwest of the inn and weapon shop. After taking the boat, go to the north exit (the west one just takes you back to the Man-Eating Grove you’ve already explored).

Note that you must have already completed chapter 11 of the main story to access the quest at all and find the Dragon Palace. If you’ve just recently completed that chapter, don’t immediately head off to Actuel, however.

The enemies here are on par with what you face in Miglance Castle, so you want all your party members to be Level 31 at the lowest for a chance at surviving.

Finishing the quest itself is self-explanatory. All you have to do is follow the purple markers on the map, but don’t forget to check all the corners of each room and corridor to find extra Atlantis pearls.

Farming Black Pearls

After completing the quest Where The Seaweed Is Always Greener, you can finally start farming black pearls. Open the map and travel to the Spacetime Rift, then access the blue door next to the tree.

From there, pick the Very Hard option for the Another Dungeon version of the Dragon Palace area. Here you can farm 1-3 black pearls per run on Very Hard mode.

Unlike most other random drops in the Another Dungeon locations, you’ll immediately see how many pearls you are going to get when you arrive. As soon as you enter, check the water behind you. The number of turtles that appear let you know exactly how many black pearls you will find.  

Note that the black pearls appear as the shiny green sparkles indicating a random item like you’d find on any other section of the world map, so don’t skip picking them up or you’ll miss out on your black pearl loot entirely!

If you saw three turtles but only find a single shiny spot, make sure to explore more locations of the map to grab them all.

So, what are black pearls used for?

The more you collect, the more rewards you automatically earn, from Chant Scripts to a special trident. These rewards pop up in the Awards section of the Records menu just like if you completed battle or ally achievements.

Just head over to the Other tab to see what you’ve been given in exchange for black pearls.

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