Another Eden First Encounter Summon Guide

This guide offers players advice on which free four star character to pick, and which one not to pick, in Another Eden's first meeting, New Beginnings.

If there's one game that just may change your mind about freemium mobile RPGs, it's Another EdenThis is a full JRPG first and foremost, and it is made by a team that features developers from Chrono Trigger.

However, while it has the scale and quality of the game that is its clear inspiration, it does have gacha elements. One of those gacha elements has been tripping up new players, as there's a major choice to be made in the New Beginnings mission on your first trip to the Gallery Of Dreams.

This first encounter (the Another Eden equivalent of opening a summoning stone), features 25 characters to choose from, and none of their stats are listed before you pick them. This makes selecting a character a blind stab in the dark for new players.

Who Not To Pick In The Another Eden First Meeting

While any of the 25 available summoned allies can see you through to the end of the game, there is one ally you specifically want to avoid in your first encounter: Do not pick Miyu under any circumstances. 

Why? She was made available as a free character because the game hit the 150,000 pre-registrations milestone through the Google Play store. You get her for free immediately after the first encounter process.

This freebie character will eventually be removed down the line, but for now, everyone gets Miyu, even those players that didn't pre-register their accounts.

After the first encounter, just pull up the Dreams tab and you'll have the option to automatically summon Miyu without spending any Chronos Stones.

Not sure if you can still get Miyu? Just check your inbox. If you see a message that says "Pre-Registration Campaign," then you should get Miyu for free after opening the message.

Our Top Another Eden First Encounter Choice

Since you get Miyu for free (and you do want her in your group), your top pick for the first encounter should be Ciel (a bard who is apparently a boy somehow?).

The big draw to Ciel as your first summon is that he can reach five star rank, and he has a strong debuff to reduce incoming enemy damage. This makes him an excellent support character for the duration of the game.

If you want a straight magic attacker instead of a support character, we recommend one of these three top character picks as alternatives:

  • Lele 
  • Raven
  • Sevyn

They aren't quite as useful overall as Ciel, but they are still excellent picks if you prefer damage-focused magic users.

Who did you end up picking, and do you have any other recommendations besides our main picks? Let us know in the comments below.

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Published Feb. 5th 2019

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