Another Eden: Hide And Seek King Location Guide

Players that are trying to nab the Hide'n'Seek King Badge in Another Eden may need some help finding that sneaky little kid's third hiding spot in Baruoki.

Between summoning an endless stream of new party members, going fishing, and embarking on side quests, you can easily sink hundreds of hours into Wright Flyer Studios' mobile RPG, Another Eden. However, if all of this isn't enough, there are also several hidden awards and badges to find in each area, if you look hard enough.

These secret achievements start immediately in Another Eden's opening village, Baruoki, with a search to find the Hide'n'Seek King. This guide will provide all the details that are needed in order to complete the search.

How to Get the Hide'n'Seek King Badge

To initiate the hide and seek challenge, go down each of the wells in Baruoki until you find the Hide'n'Seek King, Aldo, in the corner of one of the caverns. Even though he doesn't really want to play hide and seek, the game begins anyway, and you are given three clues on where to search for the sneaky kid.

Hide And Seek Location 1

This first location is super easy, and it is almost impossible to miss. Just run to the bottom layer of the map (below the blacksmith's shop) and find the king hiding in the bushes between the two main buildings.

Hide And Seek Location 2

After the king flees the flower garden, head back up to the top layer of the map and look next to the well on the far right side. He's hiding between two trees next to the house.

Hide And Seek Location 3

The third hiding spot is the trickiest, because there's no clear indication of where the Hide'n'Seek King decided to hide this time.

Based on his final clue about clothes, many players have been hunting for clotheslines outdoors,  but there actually aren't any found in Baruoki. Instead, you've got to head inside a building.

The house is on the top layer of the map, and it is found directly above the blacksmith's shop. You'll know you have the right building if it has two blue potted plants and a flag outside.

Inside the building, just search the drawer full of clothes to finish the quest and nab the Hide'n'Seek King Badge.

Enjoy your badge, and be sure to leave a comment if you're having trouble with any other Another Eden quests so we can write up a quick guide.

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Published Feb. 5th 2019

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