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Are Destiny 2 Servers Down? How to Check the D2 Server Status.

Sometimes, the Destiny 2 servers are down. Save yourself some frustration when you learn how to check about D2 server outages.

Always-online games are the norm nowadays, which means that someday, the servers will go down. To make sure you’re not experiencing an outage on your end, knowing how to check if the Destiny 2 servers are down can save you a ton of headaches.

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How to Check if the Destiny 2 Servers Are Down

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Destiny 2 servers go down more frequently than anyone in the community — and Bungie — would like. Some are planned outages to install a patch or release new content. Most, however, are unplanned. They’re either because the D2 servers simply stop working or because the game needs to go down so Bungie can fix the game-breaking bug of the day. Thankfully, there are several ways to check if the Destiny 2 servers are out. They include:

  • Checking the official Bungie X (formerly Twitter) accounts. Bungie support is very good at releasing server outage updates. The best place to find them is the Bungie Help account. Not only does the account post server updates, but also upcoming downtimes, patch information, ongoing issues developers are tracking and more.
  • Checking the Destiny 2 Down Detector. The D2 Down Detector site logs known and reported outages in the game for the past 24 hours. You’ll tell pretty quickly if there’s an ongoing issue, as the graph will be mostly red and will have been for at least a few hours.
  • Checking the Destiny 2 Steam DB page. Like Down Detector, you can easily track whether Destiny 2 has a server problem on the D2 SteamDB page. While this site doesn’t track outages, it does provide player count numbers for the past day and week. If there’s a massive dip, you can assume that the outage is likely routine maintenance or some other scheduled downtime. If the dip doesn’t follow any noticeable pattern, there’s probably something amiss.

CAT Error Code in Destiny 2

There’s also an error code CAT to consider. If you’re playing Destiny 2 and suddenly receive a CAT error and keep getting them if you try to log in, the servers are probably taking a hit. In many cases, downtimes don’t last more than a few hours, but the worst issues have caused outages of nearly a full day. Sadly, nothing we as players can do will help solve Destiny 2 outages. All we can do is wait for Bungie to address the problem, which I guarantee they’re trying to do the instant things get out of hand.

That covers how to check if Destiny 2 servers are down. For more Destiny 2 content, check out our guides on the Crota’s End raid loot pool, the Apex Predator god rolls, and more in our D2 guides hub.

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