ARK Fjordur: How to Find and Defeat Broodmother

Broodmother is a powerful world boss in ARK: Fjordur DLC. Our guide will help you find and defeat her.

Broodmother is a powerful world boss in ARK: Fjordur DLC. Our guide will help you find and defeat her.
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Broodmother is one of the strongest world bosses in ARK: Fjordur. This giant spider is located in a secret cave that is hard to locate, but our guide will provide you with tips on how find and defeat Broodmother in ARK: Fjordur.

How to Find Broodmother in ARK: Fjordur

Broodmother Terminal Location

  • Coordinates: 57.30 – 65.80

Broodmother can be summoned by using her terminal, which is located in a cave at the southern part of the Broken Meadow region on the Vannaland continent.

The entrance into the cave is located next to a waterfal and is well hidden behind the trees, so it’s impossible to see it if you don’t have the exact coordinates.

Broodmother Requirements

Once you enter this short cave, just follow the path until you arrive at the terminal. You can open its inventory and craft the Broodmother summon, which requires the following items:

  • 10 Argentavis Talon.
  • 1 Artifact of the Clever.
  • 1 Artifact of the Hunter.
  • 1 Artifact of the Massive.
  • 1 Beyla Relic.
  • 10 Sarcosuchus Skin.
  • 10 Sauropod Vertebra.
  • 10 Titanoboa Venom.

How to Defeat Broodmother in ARK: Fjordur

Recommended Mounts

Since Broodmother is an alpha boss who summons Araneo insectoids, it is much better to attack her as a group instead of trying to take her out in solo mode.

The following mounts will help your group quickly deal with Broodmother:

  • Yutyrannus
  • Megatherium
  • Spinosaurus
  • Shadowmanes
  • Rex
  • Daeodon

If you can’t bring all of these to the fight, just bring what you can since they will be a big boon.

Best Strategy

Broodmother is a slow boss, so you won’t even need to resort to such extreme measures like firearms. You can take her down with your mounts, but still beware of her attacks, as they inflict large amounts of Torpor.

In general, use the following tips to defeat Broodmother:

  • Use the Courage Roar ability of Yutyrannus to increase the damage of your entire group by 25%.
  • Use the Insect Rage ability of Megatherium to increase your damage against insects.
  • Use the Hydration buff of Spinosaurus by consuming water, which increases its speed, damage, and HP.
  • Rex dinos are simple brutes, but highly effective against Broodmother and her insectoids.
  • Daeodon will be useful in this fight as the group’s healer.

Broodmother Rewards

Once the Broodmother is defeated, you will get the following drops:

  • Chitin
  • Raw Meat
  • Organic Polymer
  • Raw Prime Meat
  • Broodmother Trophy
  • Element
  • Spider Flag

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