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Ark Survival Ascended: All Great Beaver Dam Locations

Here are all the Great Beaver Dam locations in Ark ASA, including tips on how to break and respawn them.

The Great Beaver Dams are full of valuable and rare resources that can’t be found anywhere else, which makes them extremely useful. Our guide will provide you with all Great Beaver Dam locations in Ark: Survival Ascended, including tips on how to break and respawn them.

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All Great Beaver Dam Locations in Ark Survival Ascended

Note that Great Beaver Dams mostly appear around swampy and river biomes. They usually spawn on the surface close to the sources of water, but they can also sometimes appear underwater, although not as often. Below, you’ll find the most common spots for the dams to appear.

Northern Great Beaver Dam Locations

Northern map of the island
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The northern half of the main island has three of the largest spots where Great Beaver Dams spawn the most. You can see them go along The Eastern Plains River, including:

  • South of The Maw.
  • Between Smuggler’s Pass and The Eastern Forest.
  • The Hidden Lake.

Southern Great Beaver Dam Locations

Southern map of the island
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The southern half of the island also has three main areas where Great Beaver Dams spawn, including:

  • North of Redwood Forests.
  • South of The Writhing Swamps.
  • South of The Southern Islets.

Should I Break Great Beaver Dams in ASA?

If you want to obtain all the valuable materials from the Great Beaver Dams, then you have no choice but to break them in the game. But I must warn you that the Beavers, also known as Castoroides, will become hostile towards you as soon as you attack their dams. Here’s how I would prepare for this encounter:

  • Beavers are strong and fast creatures, so bring along a strong and fast mount, such as Tyrannosaurus Rex or something similar.
  • If you find a Great Beaver Dam underwater, then use a raft to reach it. Be careful not to attract the attention of the Megapiranhas.
  • Don’t take all the materials from the dam, but only the most valuable resources, including:
    • Cementing Paste
    • Silica Pearls
    • Rare Flowers
    • Rare Mushrooms
  • Leave all other common materials, such as wood, behind. You can find it elsewhere, and it’s also quite heavy.
  • Try not to kill all the Beavers in the process, as they’ll play a certain role in the future rebuilding of the dams.

How to Respawn Great Beaver Dams

Once you break a Great Beaver Dam, it may respawn, but only if you left at least a couple of Beavers alive. The more of these creatures you keep alive, the faster they can rebuild the dam. If you kill all the Beavers, then the dam won’t respawn again, as there will be no one left to rebuild it.

It’s also possible to bring Beavers to a desired location and build a wall around them. Soon, they’ll start building a dam right at that location, which you can regularly farm for all its valuable resources.

Lastly, you can use the following console commands to spawn Great Beaver Dams:

  • cheat summon beaverdam_C
  • cheat summon supplycratebasebp_instantaneous_denlogs_child2_c

That’s everything you need to know about all Great Beaver Dam locations in ARK: Survival Ascended. Stay tuned for more ASA tips and tricks articles, such as best locations to farm oil and how to switch to first-person view.

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