Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag Shipwreck Location Guide

Find out all of the Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag shipwreck locations.
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Captain Kenway’s Caribbean is dotted with shipwrecks, with plenty of booty ready for the taking. Here is a quick run down of all the sunken ships that can be found in Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag

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These shipwrecks become available after you have access to the diving bell, which you receive at some point during Sequence 6. 

For tips on how to successfully navigate these shipwrecks, check out my Assassin’s Creed 4 Shipwreck Guide. I’ve listed the shipwrecks by their coordinates. Not all of these shipwrecks will require you to use the diving bell.

Shipwreck #1: 

  • Location Name: Petite Caverne
  • Map Coordinates: 901, 264

Shipwreck #2: 

  • Location Name: Jiguey
  • Map Coordinates: 564, 539

Shipwreck #3: 

  • Location Name: Kabah Ruins
  • Map Coordinates: 769, 145 

Shipwreck #4: 

  • Location Name: Devil’s Eyes Caves
  • Map Coordinates: 487, 356

Shipwreck #5: 

  • Location Name: The Blue Hole
  • Map Coordinates: 471, 170  

Shipwreck #6: 

  • Location Name: La Concepcion Shipwreck
  • Map Location: 180, 296

Shipwreck #7: 

  • Location Name: the Black Trench
  • Map Location: 221, 449

Shipwreck #8: 

  • Location Name: Anotcha Shipwreck
  • Map Location: 630, 660

Shipwreck #9: 

  • Location Name: San Juan
  • Map Location: 479, 487

Shipwreck #10: 

  • Location Name: Anotto Bay
  • Map Location: 621. 277

Shipwreck #11: 

  • Location Name: Ambergris Key
  • Map Location: 55, 178

Shipwreck #12: 

  • Location Name:  San Ignacio
  • Map Location: 378, 769

Shipwreck #13: 

  • Location Name: Atocha 
  • Map Location:632, 661

If you complete all of thirteen shipwrecks, you unlock an achievement known as “Seven Deadly Sins.” This will help you complete the Abstergo Challenges

To find out more about Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, be sure to check out the AC4 Master Guide

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