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In Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag there are several Abstergo Challenges that occasionally pop up whenever you complete different tasks. Most of these are relatively simple tasks that occur simply through playing like Perform 5 Double Assassinations, Reset Your Wanted Level at a Local Officer, Unlock 5 Taverns. Other tasks are a bit more complicated and are created more for the completionist, such as Solve All Mayan Stela Puzzles and Explore all underwater shipwrecks. 

However, as you complete these challenges, Assassin's Creed will begin to unlock Abstergo Cheats. These can be found through the Start Menu, under Abstergo Challenges, and then Cheats. In this menu, you can also see your progress on all of the challenges. There are 100 challenges total. 

These "Cheats" are fun ways to alter aspects of the game, but they will turn off the save on your game, and you can't progress further in the story with these Cheats enabled. Some of them also have effects in the multiplayer mode as well. 

These are the Abstergo Cheats, and at what level you can unlock them: 

Celestial Navigation 

  • Number of Challenges Completed: 10 
  • Effect: You can now control the day and night cycle, and toggle it to be always day or always night. 

Arrr Matey! 

  • Number of Challenges Completed: 20
  • Effect: Edward can now only speak in Pirate Clichés. 

No Quarter

  • Number of Challenges Completed: 30
  • Effect: Turns of Health Regeneration for both Edward and his ship, the Jackdaw. 

Scourge of the Seven Seas 

  • Number of Challenges Completed: 40
  • Effect: Brings your wanted level to the maximum level. Have fun with Hunter ships! 

Loaded to the Gunwale 

  • Number of Challenges Completed: 50
  • Effect: Makes it so that Edward is always drunk. 

Poseidon's Will

  • Number of Challenges Completed: 60
  • Effect: Make permanent huge waves, or eliminate waves altogether. 

Dead Men Tell No Tales 

  • Number of Challenges Completed: 70
  • Effect: Makes Edward and the Jackdaw invincible. 

Shiver Me Timbers

  • Number of Challenges Completed: 80
  • Effect: Turns all enemies into Rabbids

Armed to the Teeth 

  • Number of Challenges Completed: 90
  • Effect: Unlimited Ammo for Edward and the Jackdaw 

Deceased Crew

  • Number of Challenges Completed: 100
  • Effect: The Jackdaw now has a skeleton crew. 

Now to get to unlock an Abstergo Cheat like the Deceased Crew, it takes a very long time. As mentioned in the AC4 Black Flag Collectibles Guide there are 200 Animus Fragments alone, and finding all of them is one of the Challenges you must complete to unlock the Cheat.

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Published Nov. 14th 2013
  • John Minshew
    This game rocks . I have done all of the various challenges except for two the 100 percent synchronization and the disarm and kill 3 agile guards with their own weapon . I don't want to complete the last memory until I have at least killed the guards but any way on land or sea , first city or last it will not let me pick up their weapons or use the moves to do what is asked by the challenge . No series of buttons seem to do the trick . I am not a gamer, I just like to figure out games for spare time fun .
  • Mr. M_4148
    all what I want to know is how the heck can I get out of the (abstergo) building or at least how can I do anything into it except founding the note or being in the anamus for God's sake
  • mike_9378
    hey im trying to get the explore all under water ship wrecks ive explored all of them but it says that i have 6/7 HELP
  • jim_7102
  • Makin_8012
    You can download Trainer for Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag here:

    Just download>extract>run>press numpad 1 - Unlimited Gold> Enjoy

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