Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3): 10 Things You Should Do in Act 3

Be sure to do these 10 things during Act 3 by following our guide to Baldur's Gate 3.

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Both Act 2 and Act 3 in Baldur’s Gate 3 are full of tricky, and sometimes buggy, quests that can be resolved with a little bit of extra knowledge and patience. You’ll also get a chance to obtain some of the finest items in the entire game that are well hidden in various areas. If you’re intrigued, then follow our guide on the 10 things you should do in Baldur’s Gate 3: Act 3.

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10 Things You Should Do in Baldur’s Gate 3: Act 3

Here’s a quick breakdown of the things you should do in Act 3:

  • Acquire the Fey Semblance Amulet.
  • Retrieve Omeluum.
  • Recruit Jaheira Companion.
  • Acquire the Astral-Touched Tadpole.
  • Acquire the Nyrulna.
  • Investigate the Suspicious Toys.
  • Stop the Presses (Good Playthrough).
  • Visit the Emperor’s Old Hideout.
  • Find a Way Into Wyrm’s Rock Fortress.
  • Acquire the Amulet of the Devout.

Acquire the Fey Semblance Amulet

Don’t miss a chance to obtain one of the best amulets in the game once you arrive at the Lower City of Baldur’s Gate in Act 3. The Fey Semblance Amulet grants advantage on Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma saving throws. On top of that, you can finish two important quests one after another: “Save Vanra” and “Avenge the Hag Survivors,” which reward you with the mentioned amulet. You can easily finish the first quest by destroying the doll at Old Garlow’s Place and then talking to the Hag Survivors after you defeat Auntie Ethel.

Retrieve Omeluum

One of the hardest quests in Act 3 is “Retrieve Omeluum.” You can get it by speaking to Blurg at The Lodge. Omeluum is Blurg’s Illithid companion who’s gone missing. You can find Omeluum at the Iron Throne, where he’s kept as a prisoner. You can get there via the hatch to Flymm Cargo at coordinates X:-163 Y:-143. I strongly recommend bringing the Dimensional Door and Teleportation Circle spells with you, along with a Potion of Speed. Let your companions distract Sahuagin, and let another one save Omeluum. Don’t worry about going back, as Omeluum has a “Teleportation” spell on him. Once he’s free, the quest will be completed.

Recruit Jaheira Companion

Jaheira is a returning character from the first two Baldur’s Gate games. If you haven’t had the chance to recruit her during Act 2, you can do so in Act 3 by taking her quest “The High Harper,” which starts at Danthelon’s Dancing Axe in Wyrm’s Crossing. This quest will trigger only if you go with Jaheira to Guildhall’s southern area, where you can speak to Uktar. After that, go to the Counting House, and after the battle at the vault, she’ll offer herself as a companion.

Acquire the Astral-Touched Tadpole

The Astral-Touched Tadpole is a parasite that can transform your main character or your companions into psionically powerful beings. This means that you’ll instantly unlock the first tier of Illithid powers, including Fly, which allows you or your companions to fly across the map. This powerful item is dropped by the Emperor on the Astral Plane during the “Help Your Protector” quest. You can trigger this quest by going through the portal to the Dream Visitor’s Aid.

Acquire the Nyrulna

Nyrulna is a legendary magic trident that deals 1d8 Piercing damage and 1d6 Thunder damage. It automatically returns to your hand once thrown, and it grants you +3 Movement speed and jump distance. You can obtain this amazing weapon by pickpocketing the Akabi at the Circus of the Last Days in Rivington. You’ll obtain a teleportation device, which will take you to the jungle with a chest at coordinates X:-1514 Y:-1521. Nyrulna will be waiting for you in that chest, so go ahead and pick it up!

Investigate the Suspicious Toys

If you’ve been inside Arfur’s basement, then you probably found a letter with blackmail to be investigated. This will lead you to a Toy Maker who turned the dolls into bombs. So go ahead and find him at Sharess’ Caress. Once you start the fight, try not to kill him, otherwise you won’t be able to complete the quest. If you do kill him accidentally, then you can still use the “Speak With Dead” spell to wake him up and actually complete the quest.

Stop the Presses (Good Playthrough)

This is another quest that can potentially waste too much of your time if you let it. It’s not only time sensitive, but also important for preserving your good reputation if you’re trying to go the “good” route. You can start the “Stop the Presses” quest at Lower City by sneaking into the Baldur’s Mouth basement. I’d suggest using either “Misty Step” or “Invisibility” spells to sneak past the guards. Find the “Cutest Cat You’ve Ever Seen” template from the basket and insert it into the press. There are other templates available, such as “Make Big Money By Trading With Adventures,” but they may bug the quest and ruin your reputation instead. So it’s safer to insert only the first-mentioned template!

Visit the Emperor’s Old Hideout

This quest offers excellent rewards that include the Emperor’s own gear, although getting it done can be tricky. You can start this quest at the Elfsong Tower in Lower City. Enter the tavern’s basement and fight some Githyanki warriors. At this point, I must warn you that it’s very important to save here! Then, approach the giant statue and press the button behind it, which triggers the Perception check. This almost always fails, and you never get the chance to enter the hidden room behind the statue with all the loot. So what you need to do is reload your save right after the fight with Githyanki and start the check again. Do this over and over again until at one point the check won’t bug out and will pass, letting you inside the storage room.

Find a Way Into Wyrm’s Rock Fortress

If there’s one challenge that baffles many Baldur’s Gate 3 players, then it’s the Wyrm’s Rock Fortress, which is closed due to the Gortash ordination at Wyrm’s Crossing, Baldur’s Gate. You need to find a way inside regardless of the difficulty! Fortunately, there’s a way that may not be evident at first sight. All you need to do is walk up to the very top of the tall building, which can be seen in front of the drawbridge. Use the Misty Step spell to cross behind the gates, and you’re inside Wyrm’s Rock.

Acquire the Amulet of the Devout

If you have a Cleric in the party, then I highly recommend visiting the basement of the Stormshore Tabernacle, which is located in the eastern area of Baldur’s Gate. Sneak inside and find the chest at the very back that needs to be lockpicked. You’ll find the Amulet of the Devout inside the chest, which grants a +2 bonus to spell save DC and an additional use of the Channel ability.

Those are the 10 things you should do in Baldur’s Gate 3: Act 3. Stay tuned for more BG3 tips and tricks articles right here.

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