Baldur’s Gate 3: How to See Karlach Break the Fourth Wall

An Easter Egg in Baldur's Gate 3 makes Karlach aware she's in a video game.

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A content creator discovered an eerie scene of Karlach talking directly to the player. Not only that, but Karlach seems to be aware that she’s in a video game, asking if you’ve done this before and know how it all ends. The problem is figuring out how to see Karlach break the fourth wall in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to See Karlach Break the Fourth Wall in Baldur’s Gate 3

Content creator Chubblot dug through the game’s files and forced a scene to trigger that shows Karlach breaking the fourth wall.

Can the Scene be Triggered without Cheats?

Right now, the organic trigger for this scene is unknown. Chubblot was able to play it by using a cheat engine, but their post about it led to confirmation that it’s possible to get this scene naturally in game. And that came from none other than Karlach herself.

Karlach’s VA, Samantha Beart, posted on X (formerly Twitter) that it’s possible to trigger this scene naturally in BG3. She also stated she’ll talk more about it when players figure out that trigger. 

Embed via X (formerly Twitter)

While players have been searching for it, the most we have is speculation. A few players mentioned they were able to view this scene after their first full run. However, others said they’ve completed the game multiple times and haven’t triggered it yet. As such, a consistent method for starting this cutscene hadn’t been found.

For the time being, how to see Karlach break the fourth wall in Baldur’s Gate 3 without the use of third-party tools remains a mystery. However, it reminds us that even putting in hundreds of hours doesn’t mean we’ll be able to see everything the game has to offer. Secrets lurk behind your choices, and discovering new details is part of the fun. Until we have an answer and update this piece, check our BG3 guide hub for content like all Legendary Weapons and how to get them or how to rescue Us, our cute brain friend.

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