Batman: Arkham Origins Black Screen During Final Bane Fight and Other Common Bug Fixes

With the new patches, some old issues were fixed, but plenty more appeared. Here are some fixes for some of the issues players have been experiencing.
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As of this writing, WB Montreal has released two patches for Steam which fixed some of the most crucial game-breaking bugs from launch. It is good to see the developers responding to customer complaints, but the fixes are too slow in coming for many players.

As a community, many of us have found some ways around the more game-breaking bugs that are keeping players from finishing the game. I have kept an eye on player complaints of bugs they have been running into, and hopefully you can find a solution to your problems here.

As of November 8, Steam patches have fixed these issues:

  • Black Mask side quest not being able to complete
  • The save games where the player cannot select ‘Continue’ (only New)
  • User is stuck in the Anarky Bomb mission, but cannot continue because the world isn’t properly loaded around them
  • Player could fall through the world at the elevator after activating the switch and walking towards console
  • Bane not spawning in prison
  • Elevator bug in Gotham Bridge
  • Getting stuck outside of GCPD shooting range
  • Jezebel Plaza Objective never clearing away
  • Buildings not properly loading when fast traveling
  • Collision on saucer in Mad Hatter level, which was preventing some people from crossing the river
  • Save corruption after Deadshot boss fight
  • Issue that was causing credits, consumables, and profile progress to not be saved in Multiplayer
  • Burnley Tower vent that Batman wasn’t able to climb up
  • Free Flow Focus mode not unlocking upon unlocking Shadow Vigilante rank 3
  • Player falling through elevators/world in most cases

But with the new patches have come new issues, or issues that were never fixed. Here are some of the more common ones, most of these have player fixes or workarounds for them. 

Final Bane Fight Not Loading

During the final fight with Bane, players will run into issues with the cinematics. If you pause, try to skip through, get killed, or even during occasions where you don’t do anything at all, the screen may blank out partway through the fight.

One common place where this happens is in a section where you need to jumpstart Bane’s heart. For this specific instance, players have reported that repeatedly mashing the X button (on Xbox) or the Strike command prompt on PC through the black screen will actually carry you past the cinematic and allow you to continue on through the fight. The easiest reported fix is to plug in a controller and mash the Action button on that.

Quiet Waters Challenge Map Not Unlocking

Some users are reporting the inability to unlock the Quiet Waters Challenge Map which is supposed to unlock when you achieve 100% Story Mode completion.

Note that this is the Normal version of Quiet Waters, not the Extreme (which is unlocked by doing Challenge Maps). Users have reported that going back and completing the Story Mode in “In the Night” mode will unlock the map.

It is appropriate to note here that Quiet Waters Extreme often glitches out and when you have defeated all enemies, the instance won’t end and leave you stranded in an empty room. I have not been able to find a fix for this yet.

Always Online Needed?

This is not exactly a bug, but has caused several users a great deal of grievances. For those players with an unstable Internet connection, you do not need to be online for every second while playing this game during Single Player. When your connection dies, it kicks you out of the game into Main Menu. Circumvent this by enabling Offline Mode on Steam. 

Post-Steam Patch Crashing at Title Screen

Some players are having issues where this game crashes upon reaching the title screen when trying to load WBID settings. A partial workaround is to play this game in Steam Offline Mode.

Make sure that your Steam Client is updated. This is an issue that has been happening on Steam’s end with games starting in DirectX 11. Most PC errors are a combination of issues on both Steam and WB Montreal’s end.

To do this:

  • Steam > Settings
  • Under the Steam Beta participation, make sure that you have Steam Beta updates turned on

Corrupt Steam Save Game

If you’re anything like me, you’re wishing that Batman: Arkham Origins dumped the Autosave feature – or at least allowed you to make your own Quicksaves. Unfortunately, Origins carries on the torch from Asylum onwards and corrupted save games are a continuous risk to playing the games in this series. This is an old fix for fixing errors with saved games in Steam:

  • Go to the SteamuserdataSteamID209000remote folder (wherever Steam is installed and that subfolder)
  • Right-click spsave_v2_0.sgd (or another Saved Game) > Properties
  • Click the Previous Versions tab > choose the most recent version of the file > Copy… button
  • Save it on your Desktop or somewhere safe (this should be the most recent version that worked)
  • Move the corrupt spsave_v2_0.sgd from the SteamuserdataSteamID209000remote folder to a folder called Corrupt BAO on your Desktop (or wherever you like)
  • Copy the good spsave_v2_0.sgd from the Desktop (or wherever you saved it) to the SteamuserdataSteamID209000remote folder
  • Start Batman: Arkham Origins and you should be able to play again
  • You can backup spsave_v2_0.sgd from the SteamuserdataSteamID209000remote folder whenever you like (in case it gets corrupted again)

You may lose some progress depending on how recent your Previous Version was – but at least you can play again and don’t have to start from the very beginning!


Concussion Grenade Glitch

This one was brought to my attention by GameSkinny user tyrone-8985 and who both explained the issue (found on the PS3) and the fix for it!

I fast travel to the batcave to get the concussion detonator, and EVERY TIME I fast travel back to access GCPD, it says I have to go back and get the concussion grenade. I have been stuck for about 2 weeks.

The fix for this is to Fast Travel to the Batcave and get the Concussion Grenade, then do the combat challenge. A little weird, but it works!

Players have been finding a lot more issues than the ones listed. I try to note the ones that have at least some sort of success in fixing them. Many thanks to users from the Steam and WB Games forums. If you run into any, please feel free to note them in the comments!

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