Battlefield 4 Campaign Baku Walkthrough

A walkthrough of the first mission of Battlefield 4--Baku!
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Mission 1 of Battlefield 4 is Baku. Since it’s is one of the first missions, it is also one of the easiest. The first mission is primarily used to get the player used to the controls and how to interact with the environment. Once you start, or even if you’ve already had experience with the Battlefield franchise, the controls are pretty standard, which is why I think that this mission goes to slow and should be just a little more involved. Nevertheless, here is a walkthrough of the mission to get you started on your Battlefield 4 journey! Once you’ve read this walkthrough, feel free to check out other guides on ChizeloffdaBlock’s Guide List

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At the start of the mission you find yourself trapped in a submerged vehicle. Sergeant Dunn is trapped in the front passenger seat and asks you, Sergeant Recker, to shoot out the window of the vehicle because you have no other options.

 Reaching the Safehouse

You take control of Recker and are playing the events that lead up to the cut scene you just watched. Follow the hallway and until you come to the second set of stairs; at this point you need to duck under the object blocking your path and make your way up the stairs. Open the first door on the right and look at the bulletin board on the left wall and you will see your first set of dog tags. Head to the door at the end of the hallway and open it. Pac and Dunn will meet you and you will have to listen to their conversation. 

Protecting Irish

Once you’ve listened to them, they will tell you to take ammo from the crate at the side of the room. Go up to the crate and press the interact key–this will change depending on what console you are playing on–to interact with it. Once you choose your weapon, there will be enemies outside of the windows in front of you. Look out the windows and shoot all the soldiers. Once you’ve killed the enemies go ahead and walk past the weapons crate again to refill your ammo. 

Getting out of School

Follow your team mates through the hallway and make your way to the courtyard. Once at the courtyard, you’ll need to tag the enemy soldiers so your squad will know where to go. Then jump down from the balcony and hide behind one of the barriers in the middle of the area. Enemies will be coming from the building across the courtyard–keep an eye out for them in the windows as well. Also don’t forget to keep tagging the enemies throughout your game, it makes for a much easier experience and will be critical if you are playing on the hardest difficulty! 

Once your squad makes way for the rooms where the enemies just came out, follow them there. You’ll then see a hole in the floor and before jumping down hop over the hole to the other side where your second set of dog tags will be located on the shutters. When you fall through the hole you’ll be introduced to the Gadget Stash. Grab the C4 and place it on the wall and detonate it to create an exit. 

Reaching the Factory Roof

 Run through the forest until you reach the outlook position. There, Dunn will give you a Tactical Visor–he will ask you to look through them and find the two towers, but this part of the map has been experiencing bugs, which I have listed among others in the Bugs List for Campaign Mode

Once you get through the first wave of enemies, make your way down to the weapons crate, which can be used for cover and automatic ammo refills! Keep killing the enemies that are in the field and on the bridge in the distance. Once you have taken care of them, make your way to the opening at the far side wall. Go through the drain pipe and make sure to stop at the Gadget and Weapons crates! Remembering to stop at these important stations will help you complete missions without being stranded with no ammo–so remember! 

Make your way to the factory elevator and get in. Your squad will be with you and you’ll be attacked by a helicopter that will destroy the elevator. Once the elevator breaks, you need to start immediately running to your right and make your way up the stairs. Your squad members will guide you to the roof until the building starts to collapse. You will see a short cut scene, and then fall off the building. When you regain control, Dunn will be pinned under some rubble on the ground and you will have to follow the instructions to amputate his leg. Before making your way to the car, if you look on the copilot seat, you will find the third and final set of dog tags for this map! Once you’ve done that, you can make your way into the vehicle and head to your second extraction point. 

Reaching Secondary Extraction

 Drive forward and smash through the gates ahead of you. You will need to follow the road until the helicopter chasing you, and knocks you out of the car. Irish will then hand you a grenade launcher and you will need to take down the helicopter. 

Taking the helicopter down completes the mission, and you will then see a cut scene that puts you in the middle of escaping the same sinking vehicle you saw at the start of the game. This will then lead you to the Siege of Shanghai mission!

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