Battlefield 4 Bugs: Campaign Mode

List of bugs that are found in the Single-Player Campaign Mode of Battlefield 4.

Battlefield 4 had fans and new players alike anticipating what was going to be an awesome game. The beta was great--people expected bugs and generally had no problems with the game being a little rough. As a final product, however, Battlefield 4 has shown to be a rushed and unprepared game.

Like the bug I found at the South China Sea-Valkyrie, where you are launched into the wide-open ocean; there are many others that have surfaced. This is a list of all the Campaign bugs that I have either found myself, or had friends tell me they experienced during gameplay. Some of these bugs are map specific, and some are just general ones that can happen anywhere during your single-player game. To find more on Battlefield 4, you can go to ChizeloffdaBlock's Guide List.

General bugs throughout the entire story-mode...


The first thing that comes up in the game is that no matter where you stand, there will always be a character that needs to stand there, and pushes you out of the way. The most annoying thing is when you are standing somewhere, listening to the dialogue, and some character moves towards the spot where you just happen to be standing. One of two things occurs, either your character is pushed into another area of the room, or your game freezes. This has happened multiple times, and anywhere there is a conversation between characters. Most of the time you don't have to start your game completely over, but you might have to wait a couple of minutes for the characters to get done talking to move again!

Enemies getting stuck

 On Baku, I had an enemy stuck behind one of those concrete walls in the middle of the map and he was untouchable until I used a grenade. When I first entered the Valkyrie, an enemy had fallen off the map and I was unable to find or kill him. It was only after one of my squad members randomly threw a grenade that I was able to move through the door at the right. 

Shanghai Bugs

My walkthrough of Shanghai was pretty smooth, but one of my friends had trouble on one part in particular. When you reach the building right across the street from the main skyscraper, where the hostages are being held, Pac and Irish take a quick look across the city and point toward a ladder that is to the right of the roof. When my friend went down that ladder, his character slipped and fell to his death. Once he re-spawned, the game put him right in front of the skyscraper, where awaited the dozens of enemies who proceeded to shoot him without any warning. 

South China Sea Bugs

I've written a more detailed article about what happened to me on the Valkyrie, but a number of you have told me about some of the bugs you experienced as well. Several people were having problems with the chopper showing up once you get closer to the Valkyrie. The only advice I can offer that has helped some players is that you have to kill all the boats leading up to the ship. Otherwise, if you don't kill them, you will be caught in a never-ending boat chase.

Once you actually make it on the ship, you will find the bug that doesn't allow you to progress after the shoot-out. You will kill all the enemies in sight but one of the enemies gets stuck somewhere on the map and the door you need to walk through will be blocked. Walk around for a few minutes and the enemy will be killed by one of your squad members!

Singapore Bugs

This mission was good for the most part, but I had trouble walking in some parts. I would go through a door and my character would be continuously pushed to the left. In order to correct it, I had to walk straight to the right and then sprint to get unstuck. 

I also found a bug for the PC version of the game where you go up one of the ladders and you fall off the map into this ocean section of the map. You can't do anything but restart your game if this happens to you. 

Kunlun Mountains Bug

When you collect all three dog tags for this mission, the game will only show that you have collected two of them. This is particularly annoying when you are playing on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 and need the dog tags to unlock the trophies. The tags seem to be showing up unlocked in the multiplayer, but with all the problems multiplayer has experienced, it is very likely that you might lose this progress--should an update ever come out. 

 The last two missions I didn't have any trouble and I didn't see anyone else having problems with these missions either.

What happens next?

 The Battlefield 4 Campaign mode is short and full of glitches! It makes for a very unpleasant experience all around. I had high hopes for Battlefield 4 but it looks like I'll just have to wait for some sort of miracle patch from DICE to give me a completely new game. 

What has been your Battlefield 4 experience? Would you have rather DICE waited a couple more weeks to release the game, so it didn't feel rushed? 

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Published Nov. 12th 2013
  • Zoltan_1055
    Miranda, please help!
    In campaign, South China sea, when I have to take down the chopper, I have to go upstairs and pick the Stinger. But the guy standing front of the stairs, shot by the helicopter, but doesn't fall, and I can't get through him. What to do?
  • Majestic_6783
    Well... I was playing on the campaign and arrived in the elovator on the mountin map and there is nothing but enemies and friendlys ok there falling through the map i walk up and fall and die... WHY BATTLEFIELD 4
  • dave_3423
    I might be new at the game ..battlefield 4...but during the beach landing for the air field. .not sure if I should get out of the boat in which case I can't. .or take off from the beach. .
  • Eli_8247
    First time playing a battlefield game NEVER AGAIN
  • killersea
    This game, this game is the worst. I loved battlefield 3 but this game destroyed my love for it. For starters the endless boat chase I only ended by a lucky spray shot that finally killed the enemy boat it took half an hour. On the second level where you evac the VIPs I died on the roof but then when it loaded. I was blind; I could hear stuff I could still shoot but I couldn't see anything. I've played this campaign and not finished it out of the 5 or so tries. I'm trying again tonight but it makes me sad that this game could be great but all the glitches ruin it for me.
  • edgar_2723
    It crashes when it tries to do the Snow scene with the team walking through the mountains. after the the helicopter shots at the hanging car and we all fall, after that im stuck. I bought the game and it gave me a enormous amount of problems just to install from the dvdss, my internet i very bad so it took me another 2 weeks just to download the update. after that the game crahed some time but i could restart and carry on, and i was playing and starting to forget the troubles it gave me on install. but now im stuck. ive tried every imaginable thing but its just stuck. yes it seems the multiplayer is working fine, but i am a costumer and ive payed for the game that simply stoped working. from what ive een in the internet this problem is well known, exccept by EA and DICE that have not yet fixed one of the most bugy games ive ever played. im thinking about uninstall and NEVER will EA or DICE see another cent of my money. It makes the costumer feel impotent with a faulty game on his hand... fix it, or give some answers to the hundres of players, or more, that have spent hours loking at not responding messages. ive payed the game and i deserve to get the product that i payed for
  • Jordan99
    For me there is a major bug on tashgar... its right before you get to old town after going across the bridge, and everyone just stands around without doing anything and there is no way to progress, extremely frustrating dice
  • jurjen
    I got a bug on the uss TITAN, when you grab the voicerecorder and Agent Kovic want's to take it from you, the game freezes. When i restard the cheqpoint, Kovic runs trough the roof and i'm stuck inside the room... Does anyone expierenced this before and knows how to fix this??
  • jurjen
    Platform is PC
  • Dominic_6888
    My right analog stick wouldn't work when I tried to look around. I could crouch and stuff but I couldn't freaking turn. It's possible me off that I paid over $100 for a broken piece of shit.
  • Mrman_4430
    I found this pretty big bug, it's where you have to reach old town in tashgar, it starts off with a character saying "armour on the road" then "guard patrolling ahead, he didn't see us" throughout that area of the mission, there's no enemies what so ever, it's basically a walk in the park and after that area of the mission is over it says, "thought we'd never make it through there"
  • asdf-player
    When playing campaign mode, mission two, at one point the objective is to secure a helicopter, I did that and I died. If I restart the mission I can't see anyting except for the loading icon and a black screen. WTF?
  • Bobby_8973
    The trouble is battlefield 4 very poor game left me angry for paying money for
    Garbage feel ripped off by the developers start of campaign found a dead body stuck in the floor should have turned it off then glitches on every level of campaign made for a frustrating experience
  • Sc3r0CZ look on video i have this problem its in 1st mission :(
  • James_4050
    I have found a really irritating bug in Singapore. In the very beginning once you get to the beach from the raft, I get stuck, i can't get out move or do anything except look around... This is the PS3 version. Help please!!
  • Miranda Kirk
    Featured Columnist
    I'm sorry. I've looked and looked and looked and I can not find a single fix for this bug. A lot of people have the same problem and have reached out to me for help but there just doesn't seem to be one. Some people have had success just restarting the mission--see if that helps! DICE just doesn't seem to be interested in fixing the game.
  • Michael22_8752
    The amount of bugs on this game is ridiculous
  • Miranda Kirk
    Featured Columnist
    I know and it's sad because DICE just doesn't seem to want to fix it :/
  • TS2
    Has a fix been found for the screen on Mission 5 when you exit the elevator? The characters are literally falling as soon as you exit. Any suggestions? Platform is Xbox 360. thx

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