Battlefield 4 Bug at South China Sea - Valkyrie

Battlefield 4 bug that makes you restart your game from the last checkpoint.

While running through the Campaign mode in Battlefield 4, I ran across a bug that causes you to have to restart your game. So I thought I would tell you, so you would at least be prepared, as there seems to be no fix or work-around for it just yet. 

Where to find it...

During the third mission of the campaign mode you find yourself in the South China Sea, trying to escape the invasion of enemy forces. While on the Valkyrie ship, you are to reach the top of the deck so you can give information to the your commanding officer. 

Once you reach the lower deck, you are caught defending the ship from enemy helicopters--just so it doesn't tear apart while you are directing your squad to the top. Once you clear the area you are to take the information from one of your squad members and climb up a ladder to the top of the ship.

When you start to head up the ladder, the screen will flutter or lag a bit and then without any warning, the game launches you way back into the sea and you are separated from your squad. There is no way to come back from this other than quitting your game and starting from the last checkpoint. You are literally lost at sea with your squad waiting in the distance.

All the problems...

Battlefield 4 is starting to make a lot of gamers mad because of the amount of problems the game has in single-player and multiplayer modes. I, for one, am getting tired of the game crashing, as I'm sure most of you are experiencing. Hopefully in the next couple of days, they will come out with an update that will fix a majority of the issues! 

Now, I was playing the PC version of the game, but I have heard some rumours that the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions are experiencing just as much difficulty. What's been your Battlefield 4 experience so far? 

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Published Nov. 1st 2013
  • TuffScruffy
    The Valkyrie seems to go faster than my cruiser. I've been going around and around the fucking map but I never catch up to it. I even tried intercepting the ship but nope it goes faster than the speed of light. Fucking can't get close to it no matter how many hours I put into that damn mission.
  • MilesFTW
    So, in the open village near the Old Town, Irish and Hannah just stop and play idle animations. Restarted my PS4 three times and nothing happens.

    EA, Dice, please don't make me play this
  • dino ripplestiltskin
    the npc's in this game can also smash you or completely block the doors. walked ahead of a character when I was not supposed to, got smashed in the doorway and killed. why??!
  • Johon_3445
    I'm driving the boat to the Valkyrie and it keeps running away and when I get to it the door won't open. My father said that it might be a tech issue but idk!
  • Bananamobile
    The helicopter will be somewhere on the horizon, go towards it shoot it down and the ship will slow :)
  • Fidgety_6382
    hey i cant see the heli just wondering did this happen to anyone else
  • Justin_5259
    When I'm on the mission trying to get to the Valkyrie, I can't seem to catch up to it, and i have to destroy the helicopter, but I don't even see it
  • mitch_2101
    I have troubles after the Valkryie when you get back to the ship and you are greeted by Chineese soldiers and immediately begin a fire fight. After, Kovik's pathfinding messes up and the two soldiers by the door won't let me through because Kovik doesn't tell them to. Anyone else having this issue?
  • Miranda Kirk
    Featured Columnist
    I had this issue going through my game where the door was blocked too. It eventually fixed itself when I was running around trying to find anything that I missed. I think there was an enemy that wasn't registering on screen at all, the enemy was under the tank in my game! After a couple of minutes one of the soldiers on my side threw a grenade and then the path opened up, I don't really know what happened.
  • Narcissist_5329
    I didn't even kill a helicopter, restarted checkpoint 10 times before finally seeing the second wave of boats. killed them and then ship opened at back and got on. So annoying. The developers should bug test better.
  • Tommy _8619
    The part when your heading for the air field and driving the boat to the beach and just get stuck on the boat . I just bought this game and I'm already wanting to smash the game into pieces . I def want my money back. Totally frustrated and disappointed . Was looking forward to playing this game
  • Ose_6093
    I totally regret buying the game. Too many problems and now I'm stuck and can't progress
  • Miranda Kirk
    Featured Columnist
    To some extent I do to. I was really exited for this game to come out, but what a disappointment. I feel like I should apologize for EA and DICE myself so...I'm sorry!
  • josh_8927
    I can't make it back to the ship lol. I have defeated all enemies and I can't get back on the ship
  • Mattie_6336
    I killed all the ships on my way to valkyrie. And no chopper. I reset to last checkpoint and tried again. Still no chopper. I did this several times. Then I went to game menu, and then reloaded it. Nothing. I just restarted the entire mission. I'll post again the results. Fingers crossed.
  • Spartan_8693
    At least you guys can get on the ship, whenever I try to, the boat speeds up like crazy and I've been trying to get onto it for about 20 minutes
  • Miranda Kirk
    Featured Columnist
    You HAVE to kill all the enemy boats and the helicopter before the ship will slow down! Some people have been experiencing the boats getting stuck on the sides of the big ships, so if it's glitching you'll have to find those little fighter boats first. This mission really started to just irritate me after a while--so many bugs!
  • I Ate A Doughnut
    At least your chopper showed up, the damn soldiers kept yelling about the chopper, and I couldn't find the thing, I even stopped... I don't know what I did wrong and now I"m going to have to restart the entire damn mission.
  • Doug_1507
    I figured out how to get on or in the Valkyrie !! You MUST kill ALL of the enemy patrol boats. I found some of them stuck on the far side of both big ships. After u do that, the helicopter will attack. You must shoot it down also ( it can kill you- be careful). After the heli is down, the ship will slow and you can enter. Good luck.
  • Miranda Kirk
    Featured Columnist
    yep, that is how you get on the ship! When you first go on the ship and have to take out the enemies,for my game, one of the soldiers was stuck under something or bugged out and it wouldn't let me kill him. Therefore I couldn't even get through the door to the right! I was searching everywhere until someone from my squad ended up killing the enemy--i still don't know where he was. It was truly frustrating and I can't even believe EA and DICE released the game with all the current bugs. It was a waste of $60 unless they come out with a huuuge update...
  • Doug_1507
    I totally agree! I am very frustrated with the china sea mission. My game freezes up while I am trying to get to the valkyrie. It seems like I will never catch the ship in my small boat!! No enjoyment only frustration
  • Miranda Kirk
    Featured Columnist
    I know! There were so many annoying parts to that mission I almost said forget it! The little boat part could have been so much cooler if the player didn't drive but focuses on taking out enemies instead. Of course that would mean that the enemies would have to be harder. It felt like a little point-and-shoot arcade game instead of a military fps, which is disappointing for all the hype Battlefield 4 was getting. And don't get me started on the multiplayer haha! The game crashes or freezes up every few minutes...sad.
  • Christopher Aiken
    Crash landing to death on deck of Valkyrie infinite!!!

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