Bayonetta 3: How to Unlock the Secret Chapter

Follow these steps to get the Old Picture Book and collect all the items you need to access the secret final chapter of Bayonetta 3.

Follow these steps to get the Old Picture Book and collect all the items you need to access the secret final chapter of Bayonetta 3.
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Bayonetta 3 doesn’t end when you reach the credits. Even after replaying the 12-or-so hour campaign on harder difficulties, there is bonus content you’ll need to unlock by gathering some very well hidden collectibles. The most complicated is the multi-step process to unlock the secret chapter.

To unlock Bayonetta 3‘s secret chapter, you’ll need to hunt through a handful of the game’s levels with a fine tooth comb. Following this guide, you’ll be able to easily clean up the collectibles required and see every bit of awesomeness Bayonetta 3 has to offer. 

How to Get the Old Picture Book

Before you can collect the three keys to unlock the secret chapter, first purchase the Old Picture Book from Rodin. After you finish Chapter 1, you can visit Rodin’s shop to purchase items for a variety of currencies; The Old Picture Book costs 4,100 Halos. To get that many Halos, you’ll probably need to play a handful more levels naturally or via chapter select, at which point you’ll have to replay a couple of more levels to unlock all the keys that open the book’s lock. 

Once you’ve obtained the Old Book, it’s time to find the three hidden keys in Ginnungagap, which you can then use in Chapter 13.

Where to Find Hidden Key #1 in Chapter 1

Replay the first chapter to find the first key. From the menu, choose to start at Ginnungagap, the Chaotic Rift. After completing the combat section in Verse 4, jump to the next platform with flowers. Pan the camera until you’re looking to your left and slightly behind you. You’ll see a blue key floating behind a rock on the island you came from. 

Whenever you return to the map, you’ll see a lock on the Old Picture Book become unlocked, and the book will be returned to the shelf. 

Where to Find Hidden Key #2 in Chapter 4

You visit Ginnungagap again in Chapter 4 as Bayonetta. At the end of the this section with the rift leading out, turn around and look at the large platform behind you. On top of this is the hidden Lotus Field, where you’ll find the green key

You’ll see a tall stalagmite (taller than all the others) near you that you need to jump on to get to the platform above. Use the G-Pillar charge jump from this to get to the top of the field and obtain your reward. 

Where to Find Hidden Key #3 in Chapter 13

At the beginning of the Ginnungagap segment in Chapter 13, you’ll need to do overcome some tricky platforms to get the final key. During Verse 1 of the chapter, you’ll be running from falling ground. Once you reach the first spiraling platform that doesn’t crumble, things will calm down. This is where the final key is located. 

From the top of the platform, jump forward to the next two platforms, which will begin to crumble. However, do not proceed when you step on the second platform; instead, retreat to the platform you jumped from. The second floating island will disappear to reveal a pink key floating in the air. Grab it , and exit the chapter to finally unlock the Old Picture Book.

Follow these steps to unlock Bayonetta 3‘s secret chapter. Go ahead and see it for yourself; it’s a real treat. For more Bayonetta 3 guides, such as how to unlock all weapons, get all Bewitchments, how to get Halos fast, or solve the Train Puzzle in Chapter 4, be sure to click the links or visit our dedicated tips hub for even more.

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