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10 Best Amulets in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

If you're looking for the best bling in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, check out our top 10 amulets to get.

There are various ways to modify your approach to combat in PoP: The Lost Crown. Amulets offer some of the most diverse options. Some boost your offensive and defensive skills. Others offer utility bonuses. Here are my picks for the best amulets in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown.

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10. Ard’s Fortune

I always choose economy boost trinkets in Metroidvanias. Ard’s Fortune increases the number of Time Crystals enemies drop. Since Prince of Persia TLC uses Time Crystals when buying and upgrading gear, a trinket that increases drops seems natural. It requires one slot and is found in the Sunken Harbor. It’s behind a puzzle on the lowest layer of the area, in the far right corner.

9. Blade Dancer

Lengthening your basic attack combo with new moves is useful in any hack-and-slash game. The Lost Crown puts that upgrade in trinket form, which you get after the first Vahram encounter. Blade Dancer requires two slots, introducing a fourth, fifth, and sixth attack to your ground combo. I use it on stunned or beaten enemies with the crouch kick so they don’t dodge or parry me.

8. Blazing Kestrel/Chakram Tempest

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I put these two together because they fulfill a similar role: ranged damage and poke. We want the Blazing Kestrel for its Burning condition on arrow attacks. It helps us soften enemies before we go in for the kill. It requires two slots and is found in the Tower of Silence. It’s in the second large room once you ascend to this area from the Hyrcanian Forest.

Chakram Tempest requires a bit more skill but is more powerful. It doesn’t cost us arrows in a boss fight. It triggers area damage at the Chakram’s position when you press the ranged attack button a second time. I highly recommend pairing it with Chakram parrying, which I talk about in my Lost Crown combat tips guide. It requires two slots and is much easier to get, accessible from Kaheva’s Forge for 500 crystals.

7. Rukhsana’s Gift

There are a few amulets in The Lost Crown that help you sustain more while exploring and in boss fights. However, I know from experience that Rukhsana’s Gift is very effective. This amulet heals you after each parry for a decent chunk of HP when fully upgraded. It’s a two-slot amulet found in a Lower City chest. It’s to the bottom left of the far-right Wak Wak tree.

6. Shield of Mithra

This is one of the best defensive amulets in The Lost Crown. Slowing down time opens enemies to powerful combos, such as those from the Blade Dancer amulet. A successful parry creates a bubble that slows enemies, and it grows as you upgrade it.

The best part? It doesn’t have a cool-down. However, one downside is that it costs 3 amulet slots. That’s rough in the early game. I suggest using this amulet once you have more slots. It’s found during Kaheva’s quest to find the Ancient Ore. She’ll mark a spot on your map.

5. Will of Rostam (Four Royal Stars)

Will of Rostam provides a great passive damage boost for your swords. I used it for the entirety of the game. It costs 2 amulet slots, and it’s found in the Sacred Archives, to the right of the room with the Wak Wak tree and the Fast Travel station.

If your playstyle involves a lot of air combos with the swords, I also recommend the Four Royal Stars to boost damage while in the air. They’re found on the left side of the looping area. Take the Upper City elevator in front of the Haven.

4. Verethragna’s Wrath

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Verethragna’s Wrath provides another passive damage boost for your Athra Surges — and I use it frequently. Since you charge Athra Surges frequently in fights, you apply decent value by spamming them. Equip low-cost Athra attacks that cost one meter to get the most bang for your Verethragna’s buck.

It’s a 2-slot amulet found in the Sunken Harbor. Go through the Treasure of the Seven Seas quest, and the Pirate Captain marks it on your map. Otherwise, it’s in a small room to the upper left of the Sunken Harbor room with the Wak Wak tree and Fast Travel station.

3. Elusive Water

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The Lost Crown’s combat system focuses on movement, so an amulet that provides additional mobility options sounds great. Elusive Water gives you an alternative dodge, available immediately by pressing up and RT, R2, or ZR. You also deal some damage by moving behind an enemy.

Elusive Water takes up 2 slots. To find it, go left from the Soma Tree room with the Wak Wak tree and Fast Travel station. Then, ascend above the hallway-like room.

2. Dragon King

The Dragon King amulet costs 3 amulet slots and gives you an extra life. It’s a single-use item that provides one-time protection from killing blows. It restores a decent chunk of health when upgraded, but it only regenerates when you visit a Wak-Wak tree.

Finding Dragon King is harder than finding the other amulets on my list. It’s found during Moon Gatherer’s quest, which starts after finding him behind a secret wall in the Sacred Archives.

Start from the first Wak Wak tree in the Sacred Archives. Go to the far left in a straight line, then break the wall. After accepting the quest, return to exit the room and go straight down to find the first collectible. Moon Gatherer will give you the Dragon King as a reward.

1. Void Blade

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Void Blade requires 2 amulet slots and is amazing for chip damage. It gives you another ranged option, sending an energy wave in your attack’s direction. Keep in mind that it has a cooldown period; you can’t spam attacks. The damage it deals increases, and the cooldown decreases, as you upgrade the amulet. It’s found in a chest at the top of the massive room in the Upper City. You’ll need Gravity Wings to reach it.

Those are my choices for the best amulets in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, as well as how to find them. For more PoP: The Lost Crown guides click the link or check out our other articles, such as why you should buy the Lost Key and how to beat the Jailer.

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