Here are five of the best armor sets in Outward and short instructions on how to get them all.

Best Armor in Outward and Where to Find It

Here are five of the best armor sets in Outward and short instructions on how to get them all.
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Managing alliances with various factions and defeating powerful bosses may grant players some of the most overpowered armor sets in Outward. These sets not only look great, but they also have exceptional survival stats.

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If you are looking for an armor set to call your forever set, there are some great pieces if you’re willing to put in the work. Let’s take a look at some of these sets and how you can get them.

Tsar Armor Set

  • Protection: 10
  • Resistances: 68/80
  • Mana cost: +15%
  • Stamina cost: +14%
  • Movement speed: -29% movement speed
  • Weight: 53

The strongest armor set that protects your character from fire damage in Outward is undoubtedly the Tsar set, which consists of the following items:

  • Tsar Helm
  • Tsar Armor
  • Tsar Boots

All three items can be acquired at the blacksmith in Levant, the eastern part of Abrassar. Here is the pricing on all three items:

  • Tsar Helm will cost you two Tsar stones and 500 silver.
  • Tsar Armor will cost you six Tsar stones and 1000 silver.
  • Tsar Boots will cost you three Tsar stones and 300 silver.

The Tsar set has infinite durability, which is why it is currently the most desirable set in the whole game.

If you’re having trouble obtaining the Tsar stones, then check these three locations:

  • Northeast of Chersonese
  • Electric Lab at Abrassar
  • Dark Ziggurat at Jade Lich

Candle Plate Armor Set

  • Protection: 7
  • Resistances: 68/60/60
  • Mana cost: +15%
  • Stamina cost: +14%
  • Movement speed: -14% movement speed
  • Weight: 34

While Tsar set can protect only from fire damage, the Candle Plate set also protects from lightning damage.

This set can be obtained only by joining the Holy Mission faction. Here is how you can join this faction:

  1. Travel to Monsoon at Hallowed Marsh
  2. Go in the eastern direction from Chersonese
  3. Follow the Pilgrim Road until you arrive at the Holy Mission of Elatt

Crimson Plate Armor Set

  • Protection: 7
  • Resistances: 68
  • Mana cost: +20%
  • Stamina cost: +14%
  • Movement speed: -14% movement speed
  • Weight: 30

Crimson Plate set has no special protective abilities except physical defenses, but it is definitely one of the coolest-looking armor sets in Outward.

You can get this set by joining the Blue Chamber faction. Here’s how you can find it:

  1. Travel to Berg at Enmerkar Forest
  2. Follow the southeast path from Chersonese

Gold Lich Armor Set

  • Resistances: 27/90/30
  • Mana cost: -70%
  • Impact resistance: 18

Here is something different. The Gold Lich set is a perfect choice for all Mage players due to its massive 70% reduction of mana cost, and it’s biggest defensive mechanism is protection from lightning damage.

In order to obtain this armor set you need to beat the Light Mender boss, who can be found in the Spire of Light location at Hallowed Marsh.

The best way to beat Light Mender is to keep as much distance between him and you as possible. Then, lure him into traps as he tries to get to you.

Jade Lich Armor Set

  • Resistances: -40/70
  • Mana cost: -60%
  • Impact resistance: 18

Jade Lich armor is very similar to Gold Lich set with the only difference that instead of lightning it protects your character from decay damage.

It can be acquired by defeating the Plague Doctor boss located in the southwest of Ziggurat at Hallowed Marsh.

Plague Doctor mainly deals decay damage, so it is important to bring in weapons and potions that reduce this type of damage.

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