Outward: How to get The Discipline Boon (Brace or Focus)

Only two skills grant the Discipline boon, luckily they're both in the same place.

There are a number of skills in Outward that require the Discipline boon, a buff only granted by certain other skills. Chances are, you're looking into getting the Discipline boon to use skills like Chakram Pierce, Chakram Dance, or Perfect Strike.

Though not all skills can be learned from trainers in towns, a large portion can; and luckily, the two skills that can grant the Discipline boon can be learned from the very same trainer and relatively early on your journey if you make the trek.

The two skills you're looking for are Focus and Brace. Let's go into them a bit and where you can get them.

Focus and Brace

Both of these skills are Monk skills, so they're both taught by the same trainer out in Monsoon.

Monsoon, of course, is all the way north, in Hallowed Marsh. It's a long run all the way up there; sometimes death is the faster route, provided you don't get saved by an Immaculate or stashed in a reptile cave.

In Monsoon, you must seek Monk Trainer Galira. She's not hard to get to.

She'll train you in Monk skills, including Focus and Brace. Both skills cost 50 Silver and have different uses:

  • Focus: Grants the player the Discipline boon (500 second cooldown)
  • Brace: Block an incoming attack, restoring Stability and granting the player the Discipline boon; nearby enemies are knocked back (200 second cooldown)

The boon itself grants increased Weapon Damage, making it useful for most non-mage characters.

It may be in your best interest to have another 50 Silver on-hand to pick up Slow Metabolism from the trainer as well; this means your character will take longer to get hungry, thirsty, and sleepy. 

With all of that, you finally have the Discipline boon at your disposal to wreck face, and use other skills that wreck even more face.

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Published Mar. 31st 2019

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