Outward: How to Attach Your Lantern to Your Backpack

How to get a new shiny backpack and attach your lantern to it.

A little piece of advice for you new Outward players stumbling your way through the first few hours of the game: You should get a new backpack immediately.

Outward just sort of sets players loose and tells them to "figure it out," and I'm going to tell you to "figure out" that your first priority needs to be getting a Nomad Backpack. Well, that and how to finish the Blood Debt quest super fast.

When you first arrived yourself in Cierzo, you probably stumbled upon the freebie Primitive Backpack found in front of Shopkeeper Doran's stand and slapped it right on. Felt good about it, even. Not the best news there, though: It's only got a 25lb limit and, even worse, you can't attach lanterns to it.

There are a few huge priorities at the start of the game, some of those being:

  1. Pay off your Blood Debt
  2. Get an Alchemy Kit (to start making potions and other items of interest)
  3. Get a Nomad Backpack (for the extra inventory space and lantern-latching capabilities)
  4. Get a new weapon

Of course, there are others, this is just a friendly reminder of the ones that I think will affect you the most.

How to Attach a Lantern to Your Backpack

The first step to this is to have a backpack that you can actually hang lanterns from, and the Primitive Backpack you either picked up or crafted isn't up to the task.

The fastest way to get the next step up, the Nomad Backpack, is to save up the 25 Silver and buy the Nomad Backpack from Shopkeeper Doran, your actual best friend in Cierzo.

Enjoy the luxury of a 50lb capacity bag, and the latch on it just for your lanterns! But wait, first: How do you attach a lantern to your backpack? Easy peasy, friend.

Select the lantern in your pocket or hand, and choose to move it down to your Nomad Backpack.

Now, the lantern will be hanging from your backpack. Just as you would with a torch, you can ignite and extinguish its flame at will; this time, you have both hands free.

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Published Mar. 28th 2019

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