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Best Base Locations in Survival: Fountain of Youth

Get the lay of the land and start building in Survival: Fountain of Youth!

Building is a big part of Survival: Fountain of Youth, and its main purpose is to have a comfortable place to set up camp. It’s important to have your base set up in a good spot so that you can collect materials, have fresh water, and be safe overall. Here are some excellent starting base locations to inspire you.

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Survival: Fountain of Youth – Best Starting Base Locations

You can build a base anywhere on the islands as long as you have a hammer, some building kits, and the proper materials. It really comes down to personal preference, but there are some key elements you’ll want to keep in mind when selecting a place:

  1. Is it safe from the weather conditions?
  2. Is it near important materials you can farm?
  3. Can you get food and water easily?
  4. Is it safe from animals?
  5. Is there enough room to build?

Once you’re confident the spot fulfills all those conditions, you’ve got yourself a good place to start building. Some places you’ll most likely want to avoid are jungles and forests (being surrounded by trees isn’t as safe or as spacious as you’d think), bird nests (go anywhere close to those and you’ll have a flock of birds attacking you at all times), deep caves (if the cave seems to go a little too far back then it’s probably more dangerous than you would initially assume). Here are some starting base ideas if you’re unsure where to start.

Ponce de Leon’s Cave

Entrance to Ponce de Leon's cave camp on island of hope in Survival: Fountain of Youth
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You’ll come across Ponce de Leon’s Cave just about right away after sailing from the starter island to the Island of Hope. This is where he had his makeshift camp, which he abandoned. Unlike other caves, this one is actually pretty safe because it has two exits, one in the front and one in the back. You’ll be fully covered by the weather without even having to build anything. You’ll also be close to the beach and have access to more materials on the opposite side of the cave, not to mention the mushrooms growing inside of the cave for a potential food source. Yes, it may be a little dark, but it’s a great place to start that doesn’t require building a whole structure yourself.

The Harbor Structure

The harbor where ponce de leon's spyglass is in survival: fountain of youth
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An obvious choice for a base is at the spot where there is already a structure started for you. This is the spot where you find Ponce de Leon’s Spyglass, based on the map in his cave. There is a wooden platform with some walls for you to continue building off of. Plus, it’s not too far from a water source, and it has a stretch of water leading right out to the ocean for quick sailing access. There is a wooden hammer and two building kits right beside the platform, so if that’s not a sign to start building, I don’t know what is.

Near a Water Source

Clay water source spot in survival fountain of youth
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Another smart spot to set up camp is near a water source, and I’m talking fresh water. While it’s fairly easy to go out hunting for food, safe water is more scarce to come by. It’s important to have a constant supply of it, so why not set it up right beside a water source? These clay structures fill up with water every time it rains, and you can drink directly from them or use a flask to transfer the water. You could start up a nice base right beside it and maybe even do it with clay since you’ll also find a decent amount of clay beside these sources.

In the Mountains

Stone wall ruins on the top of the mountain in survival fountain of youth
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While this may seem like a more dangerous choice, it’s actually a pretty cool spot for a base. Not only will you have a great lay of the island around you (perfect for mapping), but it’s also more defensive. Yes, there are short-eared dogs, scorpions, and snakes around the mountains, but there are also a lot of enclosed spaces. You’ll also find all the rocks you could possibly need since there are more rock deposits around the mountains. You can build a sturdy home with an excellent view and use the mountain paths to get around faster.

On the Beach

Beach of island of hope with fishing spot in survival fountain of youth
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One of my go-to spots for a base is right on the beach. It may be a bit hotter in these areas of the map, but you also have prime spots for materials all around you: fishing spots, access to boats, coconut palms, etc. You’ll never have to worry about food sources, and you can build out onto the ocean a bit for quick access to your boats and a fantastic view of the shining blue water at all times. You’re living on a remote island, so you might as well embrace the island life.

These are just a few ideas to help you get started on your base-building journey in Survival: Fountain of Youth. Keep the main necessities checklist in your hand and adventure around for some more spots. You never know what gem you’ll uncover.

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