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Best Characters to Pick First in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League: Pros and Cons

With four mechanically fun options, which character should you pick first in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League?

Harley, King Shark, Boomerang, and Deadshot are equally fun to play, so picking your starting character can be hard. That said, each of them comes with their own pros and cons, which might help you decide. So, which character should you pick first in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League?

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Which Character to Choose First in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League: Harley, Boomerang, King Shark, or Deadshot?

Though you pick a character at the end of the tutorial, I wouldn’t worry about who to pick first in SSKJL. You get access to all characters quite quickly after the opening act. That said, if you’re looking at the bigger picture of who to focus on first, each character has their strengths and weaknesses. Some are slightly better than others in traversal, while others are better at combat.

After playing as each character for a few hours, I found Deadshot and King Shark are the most beginner-friendly first picks. Their traversal and combat abilities are well-rounded and easy to learn. While fun, Harley and Boomerang have a learning curve, requiring patience in both traversal and combat. I’ll dive into the pros and cons of each character separately, but if you want the short story: Pick Deadshot or King Shark for a smooth introduction.

Deadshot Pros and Cons

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I really like Deadshot’s long-range, sniper-rifle-focused combat, because you can start the fight at a safe distance using the scope (R3). Half the time, enemies won’t reach you in the open world. He’s the fastest character in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League regarding air movement. His jetpack boosts and the ability to hover are great for traversing open opens and getting across the map quickly. I found that picking up shields is quite safe with Deadshot because his melee attacks are also ranged shots.

The issue is that Deadshot has a low HP pool, so you must keep your distance from enemies. I don’t recommend engaging in close-range combat without an escape plan. Taking heavy damage also disables his jetpack, and it takes a bit of time to master his Sniper rifle, especially because if you’re like me and on a controller.

King Shark Pros and Cons

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King Shark has the biggest HP pool in the game. Despite his size, I find that King Shark is surprisingly fast in and out of combat, capable of pulling off massive leaps and air dashes. He hits like a truck with melee attacks and has the best capabilities for a melee build.

King Shark isn’t perfect, though. Leaping is sometimes awkward in tight combat situations since we must act fast, but the leap has a charge up. Weapons you would generally use on Shark are bad for long-range combat. His increased hitbox and dive playstyle can lead to easy deaths if you’re not careful.

Harley Quinn Pros and Cons

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I love airborne combat as Harley. She can stay attached to her drone indefinitely in mid-air and shoot while swinging. Traversing large distances mid-air is quite easy by chaining grappling hooks and droid swings. Plus, she gains speed by vaulting at the end of a grapple hook. Whenever the fight gets too overwhelming, I can easily disengage from it with a simple grappling hook. Her melee is brutal, too.

None of that means her traversal abilities are easy to use, though. They’re somewhat skill-based and take a bit of time and patience to master. She also has a low HP pool, so evading and using cover is necessary. I also find it’s risky to go after shields sometimes due to her short-range melee attack and squishiness.

Captain Boomerang Pros and Cons

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I highly recommend Boomerang if you want to zoom around the battlefield on the ground or easily climb the sides of skyscrapers. He’s the fastest character in Suicide Squad Kills the Justice League for ground movement due to the post-Speed Force sprint. He can quickly switch from cover to cover with his teleports. And similar to Deadshot, I can easily and safely claim Shield regen kills as Captain’s melee has increased range.

Similar to King Shark’s leaps, I find that the Speed Force boomerang moves slowly in combat, where fast-paced decisions are key to higher difficulties. While he’s fast on the ground, I’m in the air for ages due to Slow in mid-air traversal across large distances. It takes longer to learn Boomerang’s traversal than Harley’s.

All in all, Deadshot and King Shark are the best characters to pick in Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League to learn the ropes. Harley and Boomerang are powerful and fun, too, but they take a bit to get used to. For more SSKJL tips, check out how to switch and use Psyched characters and how to create a Clan.

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