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Best Items and Commodities to Sell in Skull and Bones

Sell these items to make coin quickly in Skull and Bones.

Each faction and gang in Skull and Bones produces or smuggles their own resources. These items can make you a fortune, setting you up for success as a Kingpin. Here are the best items and commodities to sell in Skull and Bones.

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What are the Best Items to Sell to Make Money Fast in Skull and Bones

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There are a number items you can sell in Skull and Bones. From torn items in shipwrecks to legendary Capital Relics, you can earn money getting rid of almost anything. There are certain commodities, however, that you want to sell to make coin quickly. These are the best:

  • Uncut gems
  • Fine Relics
  • Military Relics
  • Capital Relics
  • Ornate Pistols
  • Frankincense
  • Lamba Cloth
  • Ivory
  • Vanilla

The hardest items to get are the Military and Capital Relics. They’re only obtained from plundering those locations. They sell for top dollar no matter what.

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The Best Way to Sell Commodities in Skull and Bones

In general, the rarer the commodity, the more you can sell it for. Some common items, such as Uncut Garnet, can end up selling for a higher amount than a relic depending on where you sell it.

Each region has a list of items that are highly sought after. Selling those commodities in those regions will get you the highest value. Items with more green arrows under them means the more they’ve had their price increased. Always sell items when they’ve been marked up.

Highest demand goods per zone on map.
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You can see what a zone is in need of after you’ve explored the area a bit. Just entering a region won’t give you any information aside from its factions.

Those are the best items and commodities to sell in Skull and Bones. Not only what to sell, but where to sell it for the best profit. If you need help finding commodities, resources, or how to start your game over, dock at our guide hub for assistance.

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