We've narrowed down all the different locations to the top 5 best Fortnite Chapter 2 landing sites.

Best Landing Spots in Fortnite Chapter 2

We've narrowed down all the different locations to the top 5 best Fortnite Chapter 2 landing sites.
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With massive changes recently arriving to the battle royale map, it’s time to reassess our landing options and take another look at the absolute best landing sites for Fortnite Chapter 2!

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I was a huge fan of Anarchy Acres as the best spot before it got hit by a missile, but with the Fortnite map now completely revamped, all the previous best sites are either gone or drastically altered.

Below, we cover our top 5 best Fortnite landing spots for Chapter 2. For a quick overview, just check out the numbered locations on the map below, or scroll down for more detailed info on why these are the most advantageous sites to land.

Map of best landing spots in Fortnite Chapter 2

What exactly are you looking for in the best landing site? Obviously, you want locations with easy access to loot, vehicles, or upgrade benches  but don’t discount actual geography.

Landing on high ground with a clear line of sight into an area of heavy traffic can net you significantly more kills than landing straight in an area with more loot. Keep in mind the direction of the battle bus and the likelihood of landing in a heavily contested area, as it’s often better to land somewhere without a bunch of competition in the early part of a match.

Best Landing Spot 1: Fishing Village

If the battle bus is traveling east to west across the middle of the map, this is an excellent place to land, since most people will be headed for Slurpy Swamp or the upgrade bench in the buildings to the east. By hitting this little peninsula in the southwest corner, you’ll have good cover with trees, as well as a few houses to loot.

At most, you can probably only expect one or two other people to be competing for resources here, so keep an eye on where anyone else is landing to get the upper hand and clear the area before moving inland. If it seems like a lot of people hit Slurpy Swamp when you drop, you may want to build defenses here and take them all out as they move east away from the storm for early kills!

Best Landing Spot 2: E.G.O. Science Station

Located right on the beach, this science station/water purification center is an excellent spot to pick because it’s easy to lose a pursuer in here if someone else also lands nearby.

Besides the abundance of loot inside, you can usually find shield potions on the ground near the parking spots outside. If you like to take enemies out from a distance, you have a great view of the water to the west to snipe anyone who goes for a boat, and easy access to head east and take out players still looting Pleasant Park.

Best Landing Spot 3: The Orchard

The little raceway with lawn chairs just north of the Orchard is actually the best spot to land, but if someone else is already heading there, just go straight into the Orchard itself so you can grab some loot inside a building.

In addition to several buildings to scavenge and lots of trees to use for cover, this area has a weapon upgrade workbech inside the main barn. You can use it right after landing for an early advantage.

Best Landing Spot 4: Rapid’s Rest

Located just east of Lazy Lake, this secluded little spot has both a chest and a boat, so you will be well equipped and have a quick escape plan if things go sideways.

The best part about this spot is that it’s in a little dip in the landscape that makes it hard for people to see you, so you can come up from below and take out anyone running out in then open in Lazy Lake.

Best Landing Spot 5: Retail Row

This is one of the few locations to survive the transition to Chapter 2, and now the area is, thankfully, zombie-free again!

There’s a major caveat here: Retail Row is only a great landing spot if it’s further along the battle bus path. If the area is right at the beginning or in the middle, you will land in war zone as a huge chunk of other players will probably land here for easy loot, too.

Remember Tilted Towers from way back when? Yeah, it’s like that, but worse; there are fewer urban areas filled with buildings in Chapter 2.

If you can get here with fewer players, though, you have access to a whipping 16 normal yellow chests and 7 blue super chests to loot at your leisure!

What’s your favorite landing spot, and have you tried out any of our top 5 picks? Sound off in the comments below!

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