Best Rigs in The Outlast Trials Ranked

The best Rigs in The Outlast Trials ranked to help you choose your loadout.

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Rigs are some of the most important tools in The Outlast Trials. While you won’t get access to them immediately, they’ll likely change your playstyle once you unlock them. There are four Rig types that you can choose from, so you’ll want to know about each one to make the ideal loadout before you head into a Trial. Our list below ranks the best Rigs in The Outlast Trials.

All Rigs in The Outlast Trials Ranked

Rigs are rechargeable tools unlocked at Therapy Level 2, but you’ll only be able to get one at that time until you earn more currency. While you’re able to purchase all four Rigs, you can only use one at a time, and the one that you have equipped can be changed by using the Central Terminal before you enter a Trial.

Although each Rig has its own uses, some are all-around better than others, and my ranking breaks down what each Rig does to explain how it earned its spot on my list.

#4: Blind Rig

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In essence, this is the Stun Rig, but it’s able to be deployed as a trap that enemies can trigger. It releases smoke that blinds enemies so that you can sneak by them without them chasing you. Its biggest drawback is that, well, you can simply replace it with the Stun Rig. It’s difficult to avoid being chased at least once in Trials, and the Blind Rig relies on you having it in place ahead of time for an enemy to trigger.

#3: X-ray Rig

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The X-Ray Rig lets you see enemies and objectives through walls, making it the only Rig focused on gathering information to help you and your team complete a level. Its biggest drawback is simply not having the level of utility that Stun and Heal Rigs have. Knowing where enemies are is useful, but having a way to stun them is better. This is even more niche in the support category.

#2: Heal Rig

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The Heal Rig restores your health and the health of those around you. It’s like having an extra bottle of medicine in your inventory. Being able to restore your health and act in a support role for your team is rarely bad in video games, especially when you have so few means to fight off enemies in The Outlast Trials.

This is my favorite Rig, but it has the drawback of a very small radius that can easily miss your teammates. It can also be replaced by Medicine that’s found throughout each level, whereas it’s difficult to replace the Stun Rig with items.

#1: Stun Rig

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Given the limited number of ways you can fight back against enemies, the Stun Rig is the most useful Rig. When you use it, it stuns enemies for a few seconds, giving you a chance to escape or reposition yourself. You can purchase upgrades to increase the stun duration and radius, so it’s hard to argue with how useful this Rig can be in a game where you can’t kill enemies.

You might find that a specific Rig fits your play style more than others, and luckily you can purchase and try all four, swapping them before Trials as you please. But those are my choices for the best Rigs ranked in the game. For more information about The Outlast Trials, we have topics like how to unlock prescriptions and how to be reborn.

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