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Best Squad Skills in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League

These are the best Squad Skills to get in Kill the Justice League, as well as tips on which to avoid and more.

So what happens once you reach the maximum level on a character? This is where the end-game skill tree unlocks. Called Squad Skills, there are various boosts to get, from weapon damage to defensive options. These are the best Squad Skills in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League.

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What are the Best Squad Skills to get in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League?

The best Squad Skills to unlock in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League:

  • Specific Weapon Damage (Red): Some of the damage boosts in Squad Skills are situational, but this is a reliable flat amount, which you can always benefit from.
  • Experience Boost (Blue): We want more skills and XP boosts get us there. Though there are three, I recommend getting the first two. The third comes too late.
  • Shield Increase (Blue): Increasing my shield is better than getting HP since my shield takes damage first. If you’re taking Health damage, you’re already screwed on higher difficulties.
  • Critical Hit Chance (Red): For most weapons, I prefer increasing chance over critical damage. That said, if you’re maining Sniper Rifles, then Critical Hit Damage (Red) is the better option.
  • Shield Harvest Chance (Blue): This is better than increasing your Shield for sustain purposes, but it’s unlocked later.
  • Suicide Strike Resource Generation (Blue): On higher difficulties, I mostly use Suicide Strike for Shield regeneration rather than damage. This is a sustain tool similar to Harvest Chance.
  • Damage Reduction At Combo 50x (Blue): There are various damage reduction skills here that are situational. I prefer this one since I can guarantee it by reaching combo 50x.

What are Squad Skills in Kill the Justice League & How do you Unlock Them?

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Squad Skills are the global skill tree system that benefits all your characters. You unlock Squad Skills by reaching Level 30 with one character. I unlocked them by beating the game’s main story solely playing as King Shark, which got me to Level 30 before the final boss fight. That said, if you’re playing multiple characters, this might be slower since you spread your earned XP across two or more characters.

This is why I focus on a single character to unlock Squad Skills as soon as possible. At Level 30, you can switch to another character (the game even encourages you to do so). Any future level-up on a Level 30 character unlocks a new skill point to place in the Squad Skills tree. No matter which one you take, all of your characters receive the benefit.

How to Reset Squad Skills

The neat part about Squad Skills is that you can reset them all for free at any time by hitting the Reset All Points button or holding Triangle on PS5 and Y on Xbox. Except for the first 3 skills on the list, you must unlock the later ones. Here’s how.

a holographic woman in psychedelic colors stands next to a skill tree
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How to Unlock More Squad Skills in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League

To unlock more skills faster, level up other characters. Only the top part of the Squad Skill tree is unlocked. Further level-ups on your maxed-out character grant additional Squad Skill points, but they also unlock the tree further.

You unlock more Red and Blue slots at total character levels 45, 60, 75, 90, 105, and 120. Your total character level is the combined level value of all your characters. For example, I unlocked new skills at 45 by having a Level 30 King Shark and a Level 15 Deadshot. Higher-level skills are not necessarily more powerful but offer more specific and diverse options like increased damage to afflicted targets or Traversal, Suicide, and Squad attack resources.

Squad Skills to Avoid in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League

While there are many decent skills in addition to the best ones above, there are some I recommend you avoid until later: Infinite Overall Damage (Red) and Infinite Overall Damage Reduction (Blue).

This is because these skills offer abysmal values for a single skill point so they’re not worth it. While you can put points into them infinitely, it’s much better to first pick up other skills and then come back to these two once you no longer want any other Squad Skills. They’re essentially end-game point dumps once you complete the tree.

That concludes my guide on the best skills to get in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League. For more SSKJL guides, check out our best King Shark and Harley Quinn builds, as well as how to farm Infamous gear.

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