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Top 10 Best Warlock Spells in Baldur’s Gate 3

Wondering which Warlock spells you should use with your two spell slots? Here are my top 10 best Warlock spells in Baldur's Gate 3.

Warlocks get the least number of spell slots per day, maxing out at six with two Short Rests and seven with Mystic Arcanum. That’s why it’s crucial to pick up the best spells, and I’m here to help you do it. Here are my top 10 best Warlock spells in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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What Are the Top 10 Best Warlock Spells in Baldur’s Gate 3

I played both a caster Fiendlock and a melee Bladelock, and I found that some Warlock spells are drastically more optimal than others. These are options that benefit from upcasting since Warlock spells are always cast at the highest spell slot level you have. This means that while Hex is a great early-game option, its effectiveness drops as you get higher levels since it has no additional effects at higher levels. Here’s a quick overview before we dive into each Warlock spell:

This article doesn’t cover the few Cantrip options Warlocks have, but Eldritch Blast is never a wrong choice.

Armor of Agathys

armor of agathys spell description in baldur's gate 3
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Armor of Agathys is a unique Level 1 defensive spell for Warlocks that gives you 5 temporary HP per spell level. While you have these enemies that attack you in melee, you also take 5 cold damage per level of the spell.

It’s a great way to keep your Warlock safe, but it truly shines if you can add some physical damage Resistance like Blade Ward, Warding Bond, or the True Love rings. Resistance essentially doubles the amount of temporary HP you get, allowing the spell to last longer and deal more damage. I used it to great effect on my Bladelock, but pretty much any Warlock can find this spell useful.

Command (Fiend)

This is a Fiend Warlock subclass-specific spell that either Disarms enemies or takes their turn away. You can imagine how powerful this can be against mini-bosses and bosses that don’t have Legendary Resistances. The best part is that it’s a great spell on Warlocks because upcasting it past Level 1 makes it so that it targets an additional creature. At Warlock Level 11, you can shut down six enemies for the entire round.


Shatter is one of the best AOE burst damage spells for base class Warlocks if you’re not taking Fireball through the Fiend subclass. It deals decent Thunder damage, which is a great damage type since only a few enemies have Resistance against it. Perfect for clearing out small groups of weaker enemies.

Hold Person

hold person spell description in baldur's gate 3
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Hold Person is a hard crowd-control Warlock spell that shuts down enemies for multiple turns, Paralyzing them in place. Like Command, the higher level you are in Warlock, the more enemies are targeted by this spell. Hold Person also makes it so that once you hit affected enemies in melee, you automatically score a critical hit. This is an incredible spell to cast on a few elite enemies that don’t have Legendary Resistances or Advantage on Wisdom saves.

Fireball (The Fiend)

If you happen to be a Fiend Warlock, then you’ll love picking up Fireball, which isn’t usually on the Warlock spell list. This is one of the best AOE burst damage spells in Baldur’s Gate 3, especially around Level 5 to Level 8 or so. You’re dealing 8d6 fire damage in a large area, which most mid-game enemies won’t be able to keep up with. Once you drop this down, then it’s all about clean-up if enemies fail their saves and you roll well on the damage dice. Fireball is a must-have for Fiend Warlocks, no matter which Pact you’re going for.

Hypnotic Pattern or Slow (Great Old One)

Fireball aside, the base class Warlock gets access to Hypnotic Pattern, which is another powerful AOE crowd-control spell. This one isn’t about damage but about shutting down enemies for three turns, taking away all their actions if they fail a Wisdom save. 

I abuse Hypnotic Pattern in almost every combat, casting it even twice, sometimes to turn difficult fights into cakewalks since you can focus on one enemy with your entire team while other hostiles stand in place. That said, it’s much better if you can get some Arcane Accuity or spell-saving DC-boosting gear from our best Warlock gear list. Slow from the Great Old One subclass is a great alternative. It halves enemy movement and allows them only to make one attack or take one Bonus Action but not both.


Counterspell is objectively a must-have defensive Warlock spell for Act 3. This is because it can not only shut down a caster and negate their spell but take away their entire turn with just your Reaction. Granted, it’s one of your two spell slots, but just having this in my arsenal makes me feel safe. 

I remember fighting Cazzador, and on turn one, he dropped a Level 6 Call Lightning on my entire team, only to be Counterspelled by my Warlock. I’d say preventing 6d10 lightning plus a bunch of necrotic damage on my entire party and wasting Cazzador’s turn was well worth one out of two slots. Spells like Counterspell are what makes getting a Warlock to Level 11 for that Level 6 slot worth it.


Blight is one of those reliable single-target burst damage Warlock spells that almost everyone should have in their spell list. It’s not always going to be the most optimal choice for your 6 spell slots per day, but when you need a single target dead fast, Blight is the right tool for the job. It starts at a massive 8d8 and increases by another d8 for each level higher. You’ll just need to get close enough to cast it.


eyebite spell description in baldur's gate 3
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Eyebite is a Level 6 Warlock spell you get at Warlock Level 11, and to put it frankly, it’s not the flashiest spell of the bunch. However, for a class that only has two spell slots, Eyebite can provide a lot of value for Warlocks each round who have geared for a high spell save DC. 

Eyebite can make enemies fall asleep, allowing you to crit them automatically in melee. It can also disarm foes or impose a Disadvantage on their attack rolls. It has many uses, but best of all, you can cast it without expending spell slots each turn. I recommend getting the Staff of Cherished Necromancy to cast it for free, which is also the case for Blight.

Hold Monster

While Hold Person is drastically better at this level against Humanoid enemies, you can’t cast Hold Person on Monstrosities, Aberrations, and other creature types. That’s what Hold Monster is for. I paralyzed the Spectator Wardens guarding Hope and also Yurgir the Orthon, which made both fights drastically easier. 

As long as you’re targeting enemies without Legendary Resistances, this spell is devastating for non-Humanoid enemies for the same reasons Hold Person is. We love automatic critical hits and enemies who can’t take turns.

That concludes my guide on the top 10 best Warlock spells in Baldur’s Gate 3. You can find more useful lists and tips in our BG3 library, such as the best Wizard and Cleric spells.

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