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Best Wyll Build in Baldur’s Gate 3

Be consumed by your demonic power or seek redemption with my best Wyll builds guide in Baldur's Gate 3.

Wyll embodies the trope of a “folk hero who made a deal with the devil“ in Baldur’s Gate 3. He mixes Warlock magic and melee allowing him to fit various roles in your party. In this article, we’ll take a look at my best Wyll build in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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What are the Best Wyll Builds in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Wyll is a Warlock with a preference for The Fiend patron subclass. Of course, I say “preference,“ as Wyll’s storyline with Mizora and his demonic nature aren’t necessarily his choices all the way through. Narrative aside, he’s not your typical Warlock caster. His Dexterity and Constitution scores are decent, allowing him to engage in melee during the early game. To be precise, his starting stats are:

  • Strength: 8
  • Dexterity: 13
  • Constitution: 14
  • Intelligence: 13
  • Wisdom: 10
  • Charisma: 17

We can change these stats around a bit with Withers but for the most part Charisma then Constitution and Dexterity should be our priority as we reallocate those Intelligence points. That aside, there are three Wyll builds we can execute while sticking to the Fiend subclass. They’re the full Fiend Warlock caster and melee builds, as well as the Sorcerer multiclass build. Whichever you choose, I’ll recommend spells that provide a lot of value since Warlocks can only cast two per short rest.

Note that if you opt for the melee-focused route, you won’t need to invest in Strength. Pact of the Blade allows you to use Charisma for melee attacks. Therefore, reaching Charisma 20 is your top priority, with the secondary stats being Constitution for HP and Concentration and Dexterity for AC.

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Best Fiend Caster Wyll Build

For this Wyll build, I’ll be focusing on investing all of Wyll’s levels into Warlock to create a ranged caster. It focuses on damage and keeping your distance. With innate spells like Burning Hands, Scorching Ray, and Fireball with high Charisma, you’re a high-damage blaster on the battlefield. This means that the Dark One’s Blessing feature from The Fiend will keep us sustained with plenty of temporary hit points. To start with, here are some of our recommendations for Pacts and Spells:

  • Pact: Pick up Pact of the Chain due to its utility with the various familiars you can summon. Imps can poison enemies and lure them into Fireball distance. They’re immune to fire damage. Quasits can induce fear into enemies for some much-needed CC. Both are resistant to various damage types, and they can be switched.
  • Invocations: Agonizing Blast will do wonders for your DPR. Furthermore, Repelling Blast and Devil’s Sight with the Darkness spells are great for battlefield control. Later on, the Slow spell incantation and Sculptor of Flesh for CC and Otherworldly Leap for mobility are great options.
  • Level 1 Spells: Hex is an essential spell in the early game, as it complements your Eldritch Blast quite well.
  • Level 2 Spells: Hold Person and Mirror Image can be great. They both provide a lot of value. If you have Devil’s Sight, Darkness is a must.
  • Level 3 Spells: Hunger of Hadar and Hypnotic Pattern have a lot of value as AoE CC spells.
  • Level 4 Spells: A Banishment spell can end an encounter before it begins.
  • Level 5 Spells: Time to cast Flame Strike.
  • Level 6 Spells: Flesh to Stone is a powerful single-target CC spell for bosses.

Once you run out of spells, keep your distance and utilize Eldritch Blast.

Best Fiendish Caster Feats and Gear

Important and generally useful feats for this Wyll build are:

  • Elemental Adept: Since your primary damage type is Fire, this feat bypasses the Fire damage resistance of some creatures.
  • Resilient (Constitution): This one is a defensive option. Its primary function is to help you keep up Concentration on important spells.
  • Alert: This one can be highly useful if you want to place down important battlefield control spells first, like Darkness or Hunger of Hadar. Being immune to Surprise is also great.

As for gear, look for items that complement your spell list, such as the Potent Robe, Ring of Fire, Gloves of Flint and Steel, Circlet of Blasting, etc. Furthermore, The Spellsparkler and Studded Leather +1 or Spidersilk are great options for your weapon and armor. The Markoheshkir and the Staff of Spellpower are your bread-and-butter offensive options.

Best Pact of the Blade Wyll Build

A melee variant of the Fiend Caster, the Spellblade focuses on frontline presence for those who prefer an up-close-and-personal approach. Wyll has some great options for a melee build in terms of spells and incantations if you aren’t afraid of taking damage occasionally. Our focus will be using polearms and the Polearm Master feat to do great damage and keep enemies at bay.

Note that this build should be paired with another front-line companion, as Wyll isn’t a tank. Here are the essentials for this build:

  • Pact: Grab the Pact of the Blade, which will allow you to summon a polearm like a Halberd to be used with Polearm Master. It will use your Charisma for attacks and damage and even allow you an extra attack at Level 5. This feature will cement your presence on the frontline. However, don’t be afraid to pull back and use Eldritch Blast when needed.
  • Invocations: More so here than with the caster, the Devil’s Sight and Darkness combo works wonders. In the spell’s area, you’ll see your enemies while you’re invisible to them. This gives you Advantage on attacks against them and Disadvantage on attacks against you. Fiendish Vigor, and later Otherworldly Leap, are also highly useful for a melee build.
  • Level 1 Spells: Armor of Agathys works really well for a melee Wyll build, along with Hex as the core early game Warlock spell.
  • Level 2 Spells: Darkness is your core spell here, but Hold Person and Misty Step can situationally be useful.
  • Level 3 Spells: Grant Flight is excellent for a melee build.
  • Level 4 Spells: This is where you gain Fire Shield, a crucial spell for the frontline.
  • Level 5 Spells: Hold Monster can give us guaranteed critical hits in melee.

Your playstyle will generally revolve around going in with the Darkness spell and Devil’s Sight while relying on Armor of Agathys and your Charisma-fueled Polearm attacks. More on this below. The neat part here is that AoA isn’t a concentration spell, so you can and should keep it up when you can.

Best Fiendish Spellblade Feats and Gear

Important and generally useful feats for this build are:

  • Polearm Master – This is a crucial feat for this Wyll build. It will allow you to attack twice before Level 5 and three times once you reach it. Just make sure to install this mod to fix the PAM feat.
  • Great Weapon Master – Since polearms like Halberds are heavy, you can add the +10 damage bonus of GWM to all three attacks with your polearm.
  • War Caster – This is a useful utility option that helps with concentration and allows you to cast spells with opportunity attacks.

I recommend going full Warlock for a steady feat and spell progression, but if you really want to multiclass, there are some decent options. Mainly, the Multiattack features from classes like Fighter or Paladin stack with your Pact Weapon extra attack so you can attack four times per round. An example would be a Warlock 5 Paladin 5. Alternatively, College of Swords Bard/Warlock can also be a great multiclass build.

In terms of magic gear, your low AC is a top priority. Look for AC-boosting items and magic light armor sets with a +1 AC enchantment. Armour of Landfall and the Elegant Studded Leather armor are your endgame options. Furthermore, utility items like the Amulet of Misty Steps, Crusher’s Ring, and Birthright will increase your effectiveness overall. As for weapons, the Halberd of Vigilance or the Dancing Breeze are excellent.

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Best Sorlock Wyll Build

This Wyll build is a sort of wild card. It follows the same principles and strategies as the full caster build but with the added feature of firing off Eldritch Blast like a machine gun.

Start your Wyll build as you would any other Fiend Warlock and grab the Agonizing Blast and Repelling Blast invocations at Level 2. With the Hex spell in tow, now you have the basic Warlock framework of casting Eldritch Blast with your Charisma being added to your damage rolls and your blasts repelling enemies 4.5 meters away from you. Then, we make our dastardly move of multiclassing into Sorcerer for the next three levels. Among other useful features, doing this allows us to pick up the following:

  • Sorcery Points
  • Create Sorcery Points
  • Metamagic (Quicken Spell)

As we are now Level 5, with two levels in Warlock and three in Sorcerer, our Eldritch Blast now shoots two beams instead of one. The foundation of our build is now complete, and Wyll can:

  1. Shoot Eldritch Blast twice with his Action.
  2. Use the Quicken Spell Metamagic with Sorcery Points to use Eldritch Blast again as a bonus action.
  3. Create more Sorcery Points with his remaining spellslots.

Essentially, as long as you have Sorcery Points, Wyll can now shoot four Eldritch Blasts per turn. All of them can be boosted by Hex if you cast it. And if we keep taking levels in Sorcerer, we can do it more often. Furthermore, once we reach Level 11, our Eldritch Blast will be able to fire six times in a round. Other than that, stick to high-value concentration spells like Web, Slow, Wall of Fire, and drop a Fireball or two when there’s a group of enemies.

Best Wyll Multiclass Feats and Gear

Feel free to pick up the feat and gear options from the full caster build if they suit you. These customization choices do not impact this build too much. Defensive options are always great.

That said, I do have one feat and one magic item recommendation that you should pick up if you can:

  • The Spell Sniper Feat: Makes your Eldritch Blasts a critical strike on a roll of 19 and 20.
  • Covert Cowl, The Dead Shot, Shadeslayer Cloak, Duellist’s Prerogative, and Elixir of Viciousness: Wear all these items and your critical chance will increase even more. They stack with Spell Sniper.
  • The Potent Robe: Adds your Charisma to Eldritch Blast and stacks with Agonizing Blast.
  • Risky Ring: Gives you Advantage on all attacks and Disadvantage on saving throws. Since our critical strike chance is so vast, the benefit greatly outweighs the negative side of the ring.

The Eldritch Blast burst Wyll build is now complete as you are firing several blasts in one round that have a high chance of critting.

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Depending on how you approach the story aspect of Wyll, you can also gain some demonic abilities to flesh out your build. These are highly situational because they depend on your story choices. But they can be useful additional resources. Especially considering the Warlock is usually starved for spellslots.

This concludes my best Wyll builds guide in Baldur’s Gate 3. I hope you found some inspiration. He can be a powerful caster or a decent melee combatant with some support from companions like Lae’Zel, Karlach, or Shadowheart. For more builds, guides, and tips, feel free to browse our Baldur’s Gate 3 hub. There are plenty of useful articles, like our guide on how to find and rescue Zariel’s Asset in Wyll’s questline.

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