Best Ways to Get Horde Skulls and Bones in MW3

The Horde Hunt event is here! Find out about the best ways to get horde skulls and bones in CoD MW3.

Shooting zombies during the Horde Hunt event in CoD MW3
Image via Activision
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The new Horde Hunt event in MW3 Season 2 challenges players to collect skulls and bones for extra rewards. Not much is known about this event, which lasts from February 7 to March 6. But I’ll provide you with some of the best ways to get Horde skulls and bones in CoD: Modern Warfare 3.

CoD MW3: How to Get Horde Hunt Bones

During the Horde Hunt event, the game will introduce new and special zombies to hunt down. But it’s not only about them, as you’ll also need to hunt down regular zombies for their bones. That’s actually the first thing I recommend focusing on during this event. Collecting bones can be done at the Low Tier Threat Zone, while skulls can be acquired only at the Medium Tier.

The bones drop from zombies in a random fashion. This means that while hunting them, I need to kill as many zombies as possible to collect the following amounts for these rewards:

  • Aether Tool: Collect 75 Zombie Bones.
  • Epic Aether Tool: Collect 625 Zombie Bones.
  • Legendary Aether Tool: Collect 2,500 Zombie Bones.
  • Ray Gun Case: Collect 10,000 Zombie Bones.

So how do I collect so many bones? Here are a few essential tips that I’ve prepared for you to conquer the Horde Hunt this season:

  • Group up your zombies. Seriously, there’s no better way to kill large amounts of zombies at once than by gathering them in large groups. As I discovered, the best way to do this is to run around in circles, triggering them to follow you.
  • Team up with other players. Ask your teammates to do the same. In this way, you’ll be able to gather up a significant number of zombies in one place.
  • Don’t get cornered. While gathering up zombies, I’d rather group them up in some large open area. In this way, me and my teammates can potentially avoid getting cornered.
  • Utilize LMG weapons. Eventually, to kill as many zombies as quickly as possible, I highly recommend using LMGs, such as the Pulemyot 762, Holger 26, or DG-58 LSW. Also, don’t forget to upgrade them at the Pack-a-Punch machine.
  • Utilize tactical gear. Lastly, make things easier for yourself by using stun grenades, flash grenades, and smoke grenades.
Shooting at a group of zombies with an LMG in CoD MW3
Image via Activision

CoD MW3: How to Get Horde Hunt Skulls

When it comes to hunting for the Horde skulls, the strategy is going to be a bit different. In this scenario, you need to shift to Medium Tier Threat Zone in the Zombies mode and hunt special types of zombies. Here are all the rewards for getting all the Horde skulls during the Horde Hunt event:

  • Tiny Screams Сharm (Week 1): Armored Zombie Skulls
  • Dogs of Hell Сalling Сard (Week 2): Hellhound Skulls.
  • Cursed Ammo (Week 3): Mimic Skulls.
  • Killshot Swagger Operator Skin (Week 4): Collect All Three Featured Zombies Rewards.

The number of skulls required to be collected is announced at the start of each week, so you can’t miss it. Here are some extra tips that will help you quickly get all these skulls:

  • Armored Zombies have only one vulnerable spot, and that’s their heads. So be sure to headshot them using the Shatter Blast ammo.
  • Hellhounds are extremely fast and mobile, so I definitely recommend using Cryo Freeze ammo to slow them down. Then, you can easily finish the job with the help of explosives.
  • Mimics have lots of HP, so I can’t stress enough how important it is to upgrade your weapons at the Pack-a-Punch machines. Also, be sure to shoot them in the mouth for maximum damage. Finally, keep your distance, or you’ll get easily overwhelmed by their attacks.

That’s it for my guide on the best ways to get Horde skulls and bones in MW3. Stay tuned for more CoD MW3 tips and tricks articles, including how to win Invasion Mode every time: 5 tactical tips and tricks, and how many kills is a Multikill.

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