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Best Wuthering Waves Character For Each Element

Here are the best characters from each element in Wuthering Waves.

Wuthering Waves tier lists are a great way to compare the viability of each character to that of the others. But what if you wanted to compare them within their own elemental categories? Here are my best Wuthering Waves characters for each element.

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What Are the Best Wuthering Waves Characters for Each Element?

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In this list, we’re looking for the best character from each element based on their optimal DPS, Sub DPS, or Support. In other words, we’re comparing how effective they are in their role within their elemental categories. Here’s the most effective resonator from all elements:

  • Fusion (Mortefi): While Encore deals better damage, I highly prefer Mortefi because there’s so much supportive potential with his Intro and Outro skills, and his DPS is pretty decent too.
  • Glacio (Sanhua): Sanhua is an excellent fast-paced Sub DPS character that you can switch to, do an incredibly quick high-damage combo, and switch out. This makes her highly flexible for most teams.
  • Aero (Jiyan): Jiyan takes the Aero cake without much competition in terms of damage because his DPS is off the charts. Jianxin has that powerful shield, but dodging is so viable in WW that higher-level play doesn’t require shielding.
  • Electro (Calcharo): Despite the hype around Yinlin, Calcharo’s combo and Forte build-up attack result in incredible damage if you can land the entire thing safely.  
  • Spectro (Verina): This bundle of joy is one of if not the best support in the game and mechanically speaking, she outputs the most healing if built right.
  • Havoc (Danjin): I really enjoy Danjin’s high-risk, high-reward playstyle, and while, yes, you’re trading hefty chunks of HP, you are outputting some of the best DPS in the game in bursts.

That’s it for my list of the best Wuthering Waves characters for each element. For more Wuthering Waves guides, check out all Yinlin ascension materials and how to get them.

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