BitLife: How to Be Born in Kansas

One city is guaranteed to get you the born in Kansas requirement needed for the Massive Gains challenge in BitLife.

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If you want to be born in Kansas in BitLife, you’ll want to take matters into your own hands and use a customization option that doesn’t require God Mode. The option to Start a New Custom Life in BitLife lets you decide aspects like name, gender, and country of origin. However, for the challenge Massive Gains, you need to be born in a specific state, not just a specific country.

How to Be Born in Kansas in BitLife

  • United States must be the country of origin.
  • Cities are listed instead of states, so you need a bit of geography knowledge.
  • Birthplace can affect stats like Health.

To be born in Kansas, you’ll first choose Start a New Custom Life. Then, choose the United States as Country and Wichita for Place. Wichita is the biggest city in Kansas, and it’s guaranteed to check off the birthplace requirement for challenges like Massive Gains.

Why Wichita Counts for Being Born in Kansas

You might be wondering why you have to choose Wichita and not Kansas City. I know this part is a bit weird, but the United States has more than one city named Kansas City, and one is in Missouri instead of Kansas. You won’t always get the born in Kansas requirement checked off when choosing Kansas City just because of this factor.

After you choose Wichita, you can start your new life born in Kansas and work towards completing the Massive Gains challenge. Or you can use our other BitLife guides and settle down in Kansas by buying a house and getting a steady job as a factory worker to support your family or hobbies.

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