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BitLife: How to Complete the Grumpmas Challenge

Bring some bah humbug to the virtual world with BitLife's Grumpmas Challenge!

This week’s live challenge involves a lot of theft, including breaking and entering, which comes with the risk of being arrested. That’s right, we’re going to be the Grinch and steal joy through insults and porch pirating. Here’s how to complete the Grumpmas Challenge in BitLife.

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How to Complete the Grumpmas Live Challenge in BitLife

Here are your five tasks for this week’s live challenge:

Be Born a Male in Nova Scotia

So, first, you want to start a Custom Life. Choose Male for your gender. Then, select Canada as your Country and Halifax as your Residence. Halifax is the capital of Nova Scotia, so this checks off the first task. I also choose the Crime Special Talent because I have the Mafia Job Pack. If you’re able to pick this talent, it’ll help with the third and fourth tasks. If not, that’s okay! You can still do this challenge without spending any real money on the BitLife Marketplace.

Insult 5+ Primary School Classmates

Next, we need to insult 5+ primary school classmates. That means you need to do this task before age 12, when you switch schools. To do so, go to School > Primary School > Classmates and select a classmate. Then, you’ll see a list of available interactions where you pick Insult and confirm you want to insult your classmate. It’s possible that they’ll report you to the principal or attack you. Because of that, I limited this to at most two insults each year until I completed a total of five and checked off the task. This kept me from being expelled, but I did get a few detentions.

Pirate 10+ Porches at Age 18+

Now, we age up to 18 to complete the last three tasks. Pirating porches seems less likely to get you arrested than burglary, so I did this one first. Go to Activities > Crime > Porch Pirate and choose a house to steal from. You can do this multiple times in one year. I split this task over three years, and that’s because I got arrested in the first year and had to serve jail time before finishing the task. But after you repeat this 10 times, you’ll check off the task.

Burgle 5+ Houses

Burglary BitLife Minigame
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So, I did this task last because it comes with the highest risk of being arrested and serving jail time. But when you’re ready, go to Activities > Crime > Burglary and choose a home to burgle. This leads to a mini-game similar to the prison escape one. Since the house is generally guarded by dogs or the owner is inside, you need to grab items and get to the exit without being caught. Once you start moving, you don’t stop. Instead, you need to switch directions by swiping on your screen in the direction you want to go. Don’t get greedy here. I just took one item and headed for the exit, then repeated this until I checked off the task.

Marry Someone with 80%+ Looks

BitLife Date Screen
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Finally, we have the marriage task. Basically, when you have a love interest pop-up, you want to focus on the Looks stat. If it’s full or almost full, start dating that person. I did this by going to Activities > Love > Date and rejecting anybody whose Looks were too low.

Then, I got one that had a full Looks stat and started dating her. I went into Relationships and selected her, building it as much as possible with compliments and spending time with her. Then, I selected Propose. You don’t need a ring, but it helps. You can buy one in Assets/Activities > Go Shopping and choose the jeweler. In the same year, go back into Relationships > Fiance > Plan Wedding to seal the deal and finish the Grumpmas tasks.

And that’s how to complete the Grumpmas Challenge in BitLife. It’s not too hard overall, but there are a few instances where you’re at risk of being arrested, which can really set back your progress by putting the challenge on hold while you serve your sentence. From here, check out our guides hub for more topics like how to get and use Santa’s Sack or how to adopt with a criminal record, which you might have by the end of this challenge.

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