Use this guide to find the best housing for lodging all across BDO. Maximize on your CP efficiency to excel at the game!

Black Desert Online Guide: Most Efficient Lodging Locations

Use this guide to find the best housing for lodging all across BDO. Maximize on your CP efficiency to excel at the game!
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Generating money passively is something you should get into as soon as possible in Black Desert Online, and the best way for you to do that is to get your workers on nodes so that they’re harvesting resources. These resources can be used or sold to generate you a fortune in the long run.

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The main thing gating you from scaling up your passive income is the number of workers you can have. Each town gives you one free worker slot, but to get more you need to use the housing system to invest in housing that provides lodging. Each lodging space you get is another worker that you can have in the city that you’ve purchased. Some houses will offer you 1 lodging space for 1 Contribution Point, where another may offer 2 for the same price. That means you’ll have to search around for the best value.

I’ve done that for you, and in this guide I’ll show you the best values for lodging in BDO. (But if you’re looking for storage locations, check out our guide to the best storage housing in Black Desert Online as well!)

Most Efficient Lodging Locations in Velia

Lodging space at Velia is so hard to come by that I really recommend you make use of all of the houses available. That’s 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, and 6-1 over at Toscani Farm.

However, there are two houses for lodging that stand out above the rest.

House CP Cost Space Prerequisite Space/CP
1-2 1 2   2
1-3 1 2   2

Neither of these houses has a prerequisite, and 2 space for 1 CP is premium when it comes to lodging.

Most Efficient Lodging Locations in Heidel

Heidel is home to the best house in the game for lodging space, located at 7-3.1.

House CP Cost Space Prerequisite Space/CP
7-3.1 1 4 7-2.1 4

The catch is that its prerequisite, 7-2.1, doesn’t offer lodging space. If you find value in what’s offered at 7-2.1, then this is absolutely worth it. As you can see in my screenshot, the prerequisites happen to be quality storage space anyway. You won’t find another 4 lodging space for 1 CP, so try not to pass this one up.

There’s also a chain of four houses that offer decent value.

House CP Cost Space Prerequisite Space/CP
8-1.1 1 1   1
8-1.2 2 2 8-1.1 1
8-1.3 2 4 8-1.2 2
8-1.4 3 6 8-1.3 2

It’s pretty rare to find a cluster of houses that all provide lodging space from the start, so the 1.5 space per CP is pretty solid.

Picking up all five of the above houses will net you 17 space for 9 CP.

Most Efficient Lodging Locations in Calpheon

Calpheon is a cluttered city where you’ll be bothered with prerequisites of houses that offer really low value to get to where you want. This makes houses that provide lodging without a prerequisite incredibly valuable. Luckily, Calpheon has a lot of those.

House CP Cost Space Prerequisite Space/CP
[North Gate] 4.1 1 1   1
[East Gate] 1.1 1 1   1
[South Gate] 1 2 2   1
[Slum] 3-1.1 1 1   1

There’s also a small cluster of houses that give 1 lodging space per CP.

House CP Cost Space Prerequisite Space/CP
[Slum] 1-3.1 1 1   1
[Slum] 1-3.2 1 1  U1-3.1 1

Everything else in Calpheon has prerequisites that may or may not fill your needs. Here’s a list of high-value lodging houses with prerequisites gating them:

House CP Cost Space Prerequisite Space/CP
[Chapel] 2-5.1 1 2 C2-4 2
[Market Street] 7-6.2 2 4 M7-6.1 2
[Slum] 2-2.3 1 2 U2-2.2 2
[Slum] 2-3.3 1 2 U2-3.2 2

Take a look at these locations, but be warned that some of these require a long chain of prerequisites. Many of them just aren’t worth it in the end unless these clusters of houses fit your specific set of needs.

Most Efficient Lodging Locations in Altinova

Like Velia, lodging in Altinova is hard to come by. The good news is that all of the lodging houses in Altinova are clustered together, and only one of them is really worth it.

House CP Cost Space Prerequisite Space/CP
6-1 1 1   1
6-2 2 2 6-1 1
6-3.1 1 2 6-2 2
6-4 3 4 6-3.1 1.333

10-1 and 10-2 are the only other lodging houses in Altinova. As a cluster, they combine as 3 space for 5 CP. That’s not a very good value at all, so I’d advise against spending on these unless you absolutely need the extra workers here.

Be sure that your workers are constantly working. Having more workers than you can actually put to work is a complete waste of your CP. That CP could be used for so many other things, such as increasing your storage.

Hope this helps! If you need more tips and tricks, check out some of our other BDO guides:

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