Black Desert Online: What To Do With the Golden Dagger and Other Artifacts

Don't know what to do with that Golden Dagger that's sitting in your inventory from a Black Desert Online event? Here's the answer!

With Black Desert Online's "Golden June" event over, many players are finding themselves with some unique, but seemingly useless, golden items in their inventories. If you've found some of these items, you might be getting a little frustrated that they're taking up space without much explanation as to their purpose or how you can dispose of them.

There is a total of 3 golden items across the world of Black Desert Online. The Golden Coelacanth, the Golden Dagger, and the Golden Backpack are found by fishing, killing enemies, and gathering, respectively. The drop chances are pretty low, but if you put in the time you'll likely run into at least one of these items. 

What do you do with these items now that the event is over and they're just sitting in your inventory? It's simple -- you sell them! They're worth a good bit (5 million silver), so just find an NPC and sell them. 



A lot of players are pretty peeved about the whole event, because they expected a quest or some impressive items that would be useful to them later on. But unfortunately, these golden artifacts are merely a way to make some quick coin if you're lucky enough to come across one of them.

That's all there is to it! Need more help with this popular MMO? Check out the rest of our Black Desert Online guides for more tips to get the most out of your play time.


Published Aug. 22nd 2017

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