Blasphemous 2: Best Starting Weapon Guide

Choose the ideal armament for you in Blasphemous 2.

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You might want to consider which might be the Blasphemous 2 best starting weapon. You get to choose from three armaments: a giant flail, a sword, and dual rapiers. And, although you need to acquire the other two down the line, the equipment you pick can spell the difference between a hassle-free early-game, or one that’s slightly more frustrating.

What Is the Best Starting Weapon in Blasphemous 2

Flail: Veredicto

The best starting weapon in Blasphemous 2 is Veredicto, the giant flail. While personal preference does apply, I found that the Veredicto deals tremendous damage, and has decent reach. I was able to defeat numerous enemies early in the game using just this weapon. Veredicto can even hit hostiles above or below you due to its arc.

Likewise, Veredicto’s activation (i.e. R1/RB) infuses it with fire, thereby increasing the damage that it deals. The only downside is that you can’t parry while this weapon is equipped. As such, I had to be more mindful of enemy attacks.

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Sword: Ruego Al Alba

Thankfully, the two other weapons do allow your character to parry by pressing R1/RB at the right moment. The sword, Ruego Al Alba, is actually quite decent in this regard. Once you perform a perfect parry, you can follow up with a counterattack to strike an enemy when they least expect it. Moreover, you can do a downward thrust while in mid-air, which can hit opponents below you.

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Dual Rapiers: Sarmiento and Centella

The dual rapiers, Sarmiento and Centella, also allow you to block and parry enemy attacks. However, this action only allows you to counterattack upon unlocking its Piercing Retribution perk. Rather than a slashing motion, your character will instead do a lunge that pierces several foes.

To be frank, I didn’t find the Sarmiento and Centella as viable as the Ruego Al Alba. It’s relatively weaker and has a shorter reach by default, whereas the Ruego Al Alba is more balanced.

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Acquiring and Using Other Weapons

Regardless of your Blasphemous 2 starting weapon pick, you still need to acquire the other armaments as you advance further in the campaign. That’s because each weapon has a unique interaction with certain objects in the game world:

  • Veredicto – Lets you ring ornate bells that can make previously invisible platforms materialize.
  • Ruego Al Alba – Allows you to burst through flesh walls.
  • Sarmiento and Centella – Allows you to pass through mirrors when you strike them.

As noted in our official review, I wasn’t aware of this type of progression method when I initially played the game. Still, once you’ve explored other areas, you’ll realize that you need the other equipment to solve platforming puzzles.

In any case, that’s all you need to know about the best starting weapon in Blasphemous 2. For other tips and tactics, you can visit our Blasphemous 2 guides hub.

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