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Breach: Complete Pyromancer Build and Play Guide

Become a master of fire and time in Breach with this complete Pyromancer guide that goes over spells talents and gems.
This article is over 5 years old and may contain outdated information

Breach‘s Pyromancer is the Arcane school’s first Assassin (DPS) class. Their kit revolves around setting enemies ablaze with fire damage over time, and using that fire to stun or deal a ton of instant damage to enemies.

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Everything they start with is already good enough to succeed, but there are a few changes you can make to push Pyromancer to even greater heights.

This guide will focus on a specialized Pyromancer build that allows you to deal a lot of damage, while also providing some support to your team.

I’ll go over the skills that can be used in this build as well as gear, talents, gems, and tips on playing it.

The Chrono-Pyromancer Build

Purple-haird pyromancer holds staff on Breach stat level screen

Pyromancer is listed as an Assassin, and it is one of the strongest classes in Breach. The fire you’ll fling around the battlefield will incinerate even the strongest of enemies.

You might be tempted to laugh maniacally as you see everything erupt in flames. After all, some folks just want to watch the world burn.

Good thing, then, that this build uses nearly everything the Pyromancer starts with, but changes the ultimate. Using this build allows you to become the master of both fire and time — and your teammates will love you for it.

Pyromancer Spells

You will need to level Pyromancer to Level 8 and Chronomancer to Level 8 to unlock every spell and slot for this build.

The spells are:

  • Firebolt (Exorcist Signature)
  • Wildfire
  • Haste or Flamestrike
  • Combust
  • Cease Continuum

Here is a description of these spells, along with what class they come from:

Pyromancer (Assassin)

  • Firebolt (Signature Ranged, AoE, Ailment)
    •  Launches a firebolt, exploding on contact or after a period, dealing 150 fire damage and applying Burn to enemies in an area.
    • Burn deals 250 fire damage plus 100 fire damage per stack over 10 seconds.
    • Passive Effects: +15% Bonus basic attack damage.
    • 4 charges, 5-second cooldown per charge.

This is your typical fireball spell and the core of the Pyromancer build. All of your attacks require Burn, so you’ll be using this often.

Burn can stack up to 5 times, so that’s a lot of damage.

It can be hard to aim and hit enemies, so it is better if you aim at the ground near enemies. This makes it much easier to hit and more likely to hit multiple enemies.

  • Wildfire (General Ranged, AoE)
    • Deals 25 fire damage and spreads all Burn stacks from target to all nearby enemies.
    • Requires a target affected by Burn.
    • Passive Effects: +10% Bonus spell damage.
    • 6-second cooldown.

This is a great AoE attack, provided you stacked some Burn effects on one or more enemies. Ideally, you will want to get as many stacks on an enemy as possible, then use Wildfire to spread them.

The extra 10% spell damage simply having this spell provides is also very useful.

  • Flamestrike (General Ranged)
    • Deals 30 fire damage to target and applies Stun for 4 seconds to target enemy.
    • Requires a target affected by Burn.
    • 16-second cooldown.

This is an option to use if you don’t want Haste. Flamestrike can be very useful in a situation where you need to stun tough enemies. It requires a Burn, though, and you might find yourself using them all up with Combust too often.

There is also a Prismatic Gem that greatly increases damage but halves stun length. 

  • Combust (General)
    • Consumes all Burn debuffs, causing them to explode instantly dealing 200 fire damage per number of Burn stacks to each targeted enemy.
    • Requires a target affected by Burn.
    • No cooldown.

This is where most of your damage comes from as long as you play correctly. The combination of stacking Burns with Firebolt and spreading it with Wildfire will allow you to deal a ton of damage with Combust. The fact that it has no cooldown makes it even more amazing.

Chronomancer (Specialist)

  • Haste (General Ranged, Buff)
    • Applies 20% Haste, Bonus Damage, and Bonus Healing to target ally and yourself for 8 seconds.
    • 20-second cooldown.

This spell makes you do a significant amount of extra damage if used before big Combust bursts. The extra movement and attack speed you get is also nice, plus you can always use it on a teammate to get the benefits.

  • Cease Continuum (Ultimate)
    • All enemies and projectiles are brought to a nearly complete stop for 20 seconds.
    • Buff and Debuff durations are altered.
    • Passive: All Ultimate accrual rates are reduced by 50%.

This ultimate is great because it makes enemies very easy to hit, and they hardly move at all for 20 seconds. This allows you to stack up the burns and deal incredible damage with little worry.

The Pyromancer’s default ultimate is a decent damage dealer since it stacks burns, but it has a short range and only lasts three seconds. You can get more out of the Chronomancer’s ultimate.


The talents you want can be on different pieces of gear, so I’m going to list the talents rather than specific gear pieces.

They are:

  • Enemies who die from Combust now explode, dealing 180 fire damage to nearby enemies.
  • Combust now also heals the caster for 100 health per Burn stack consumed.
  • Killing an enemy with Firebolt now refunds a charge of Firebolt.

The Combust talents are very strong, with heal being the best one. You can stack burn very quickly and easily with Firebolt and Wildfire, which allows you to heal for a good amount when you use Combust.

Scorched compass ability card

Combust will also likely kill most enemies, so adding the extra AoE damage from deaths ramps up quickly.

The Firebolt talent isn’t as good since you will likely kill with Combust, but it can still be useful if you have nothing else to go in the slot.


Your main focus with gems should be Ranged Damage gems, to get the most damage out as possible.

  • Light Sapphire of the Hawk (Blue Gem): +3.25% Bonus Ranged Damage
  • Empowering Light Sapphire of the Hawk (Blue Gem): +1% Bonus Ranged Damage per team level
  • Light Ruby of the Hawk (Red Gem): +6.25% Bonus Ranged Damage
  • Lethality Ruby (Red Gem): +5% Bonus Damage
  • Firebolt Burn Stacks (Prismatic Gem): -50% Bonus Damage, but applies 2 Burn stacks per attack.
  • Flamestrike Damage (Prismatic Gem): -2 second stun, +1,060% Bonus Damage
  • Wildfire Damage (Prismatic Gem): +540% Bonus Damage, +75% cooldown.

The Firebolt Burn Stacks Prismatic Gem is the most important one for this build. It allows you to quickly stack Burn to its max of five, then use Wildfire to spread or Combust for big gains.

The other Prismatic slot depends on whether you use Haste or Flamestrike. If you use Haste, use the Wildfire gem, and the Flamestrike gem when using Flamestrike.

Pyromancer Combat Tips

Your main job is to deal as much damage as possible and spread your fire around. Remember to aim at the ground next to enemies for higher accuracy and a higher chance of hitting multiple enemies.

Start by stacking Firebolt on one or more enemies, and be sure they are ones that won’t die quickly. Use Wildfire when an enemy has 4-5 stacks, but only if they are near a few enemies. Finally, end it with Combust to deal the maximum damage.

When using Haste, try to use it on teammates that benefit from the extra attack speed, such as Tech and Shadow classes. Be sure to use it right before you start your big damage run. It’s also helpful to use when you need to deliver an artifact since you get a movement speed increase.

Don’t just use Cease Continuum as soon as it’s up, wait for a good moment. Some examples are when an elite comes out, during escorts and other important objectives, and during final boss fights.

That’s all for the guide on the Pyromancer of the Arcane school in Breach. Leave a comment if you have any further questions or have Arcane school builds of your own.

And if you want general information and explanations of mechanics in the game, check out our Breach Beginner’s Guide. If you’re after more specific tips, then be sure to check out our Bloodstalker guide, our complete Exorcist build guide, and our Reaper build

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