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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3: All MW3 Field Equipment Listed and Detailed

Field Equipment is back in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Here's everything you can deploy in a match.

Field Equipment returns in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. There are some new additions and returning favorites, and I can say that they all have their place. Many are best used in specific situations, but a select few are just plain good. In this guide, we’ll go over all MW3 Field Equipment.

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All Field Equipment Available in Modern Warfare 3

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Field Equipment, once called Field Upgrades, are deployable items that grant you a temporary advantage over your enemies. All of them are good and usable in every game mode, though some favor objective modes over others. The new additions tend to be more niche than the old stand-bys, but all can make your opponent’s lives a living hell.

Comm Scrambler

The Comm Scrambler disables enemy communications within its radius, making it impossible for them to use streaks or see your allies on the minimap. It doesn’t stop the in-game announcer or your team callouts, nor does it hack into your Discord call to stop you from speaking to your friends. Though maybe sometimes you’d like it to.

Tactical Insertion

It’s back (from hell) and does what it always did: allow you to respawn at a chosen location. The difference this time is that rather than being something you always respawn with, the Tactical Insertion has a hefty cooldown. If you want to respawn on it, you do so on a timer rather than instantly. You can see the area immediately around the insert, not only keeping you from rejoining the fight with people looking straight at you but also giving your enemies a little more time to find it.

Med Box

The Med Box, like the Armor and Ammo Boxes, gives your teammates access to a limited amount of additional supplies — in this case, medical ones. These include Stims for quick health regeneration and Battle Rage for the same, plus resisting Tactical equipment, and refreshing Tactical Sprint.

Munitions Box

Need bullets but don’t have Scavenger Gloves? Out of grenades and don’t have a Demolition Vest? The Munitions Box is here for you. It’s relatively quick to charge and provides three full magazines and a new belt of lethal and tactical equipment for you and any nearby teammates. And while that’s all it does, there’s no situation where that isn’t helpful.


The Automated Computer Spike is an objective player’s dream. It automatically captures points (slower than a player, but still), letting you play Domination without worrying as much about random teammates doing random things. It also hacks enemy equipment in a short radius, turning claymores and other stationary lethal options against their owners for a short time.

Deployable Cover

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Another “does what it says on the tin” Field Upgrade, Deployable Cover gives you a small but still significant piece of hard cover wherever you want it. It’s easy to vault over and otherwise get around. But if used intelligently, you can get the drop on at least a few enemies.

Portable Radar

UAV-spam notwithstanding, if you need a way to keep tabs on enemies in a specific area, the Portable Radar provides a circular pulse every couple of seconds that pings enemies not wearing Ghost. It can act independently or function as a supplement to a UAV, as the killstreak’s sweep and the Radar’s pulse are not connected.

Smoke Airdrop

If you need to deny line of sight on an MW3 map, the Smoke Airdrop is the field upgrade for you. After designating where you want it to come in, it deploys a line of drones that drop smoke grenades. Smoke isn’t the powerhouse it was in previous games, sadly. There are two issues I can attest to.

  • First, it’s still possible to see an enemy’s nametag through smoke, an issue that’s gotten me killed more times than I like to admit.
  • The other problem is server-side smokes, or smokes that appear for you but not your enemy, and vice versa. I don’t know what causes the problem, but it’s one reason I don’t run smokes.

Trophy System

This decades-old deployable is as reliable now as it’s ever been. Capable of destroying up to three pieces of lethal and tactical equipment within a given radius, the Trophy System is best deployed on or near an objective. It can even take out larger threats, though it might use two or all of its payload to do so. I haven’t tested it against incoming killstreak missiles, but it’s worked on them in the past.

Inflatable Decoy

Yep, you can make balloons of yourself in Modern Warfare 3. The Inflatable Decoy creates a generic soldier after you place and activate it. This kind of distraction will only work once in any given situation, but it just might save your life.

Heartbeat Sensor

Like in previous games, the Heartbeat Sensor gives a rough location of where an enemy is in a 160-degree arc ahead of you. They’ll appear as a large green dot on the tablet you pull out, so while they’re useful for checking if anyone’s camping around the next corner, there are better options all around.

Tactical Camera

Like the Heartbeat Sensor, the Tactical Camera is an early-warning system. Throw it against a surface, and it allows you to either view the nearby area or, if not controlled, lets you know of enemies with a distinct sound. The problem I have with the thing is that the sound tends to get buried beneath all the other noise during a match, and if you’re spending your time looking through the camera, you aren’t contributing much to the team.


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A personal favorite of mine for two reasons. First, when used, the DDOS creates a pulse around you that disables enemy equipment and scrambles enemy minimaps. Second, I use scorestreaks, which means that the quick-to-recharge DDOS is an almost guaranteed 30-60 points toward my next streak if I use it where I know enemies or their equipment will be. It’s also fun to mess with people, though you do give away that you’re in the area.

Recon Drone

Essentially a mobile version of the Tactical Camera, the Recon Drone lets you take a survey of the battlefield but also comes with the ability to mark the general location of enemies for your team. Used in a teamwork setting, that knowledge can turn the tide of a match. Or at least the next 30 seconds.

Dead Silence

Like the classic Perk that gives the upgrade its name, Dead Silence quiets your footsteps and, in MW3, gives you Ghost. You might think, given that you can equip both Ghost and Covert Sneakers for the same effect, what purpose does this upgrade serve? Simple: you can now use other perks in their place and still have their effects for some of the match.

Loadout Drop

Using the Loadout Drop calls in a crate that lets you swap your loadout without needing to respawn. It also refills your ammo reserves. Like a Care Package streak, it comes in via airdrop, so everyone will see it coming a mile out, but it can be useful on bigger maps or in a pinch.

Suppression Mine

Returning from MW2 (2022), the Suppression Mine emits a localized disruption field that disorients your enemy and slows their movement to a crawl when triggered. Place this thing in a confined space in a high-traffic area, and you’ll cause immense, if momentary, traffic. You also won’t win any friends.

Anti-Armor Rounds

As their name suggests, Anti-Armor Rounds are useful against any target wearing armor. That includes vehicles, equipment, and, of course, armor plates.

That’s it for all Field Equipment in Modern Warfare 3. The options are numerous, and while not all of them are as immediately useful as others, each has its place. For more, check out our guides on how to fix Extrapolation, the best way to level weapons, and more in our MW3 guides hub.

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