Hoping to fix Call of Duty Modern Warfare screen tearing on PC and Xbox One? This guide has a few tips that may help.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Screen Tearing Fix Guide

Hoping to fix Call of Duty Modern Warfare screen tearing on PC and Xbox One? This guide has a few tips that may help.
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In general, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has performed well since release. However, that doesn’t mean it hasn’t run into a few pesky bugs along the way. Increasingly, PC and Xbox One X players have noticed screen tearing during cutscenes and gameplay. 

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If you’ve been affected, there are a few solutions that may work to fix the issue. Undoubtedly, Activision will eventually release an official patch, which should fix the problem once and for all. But until that happens, try out the methods listed below.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Screen Tearing Fixes for PC and Xbox One X

Method 1: Turn on Vsync on PC

If your PC has an Nvidia graphics card, then you can use the Nvidia control panel to turn on Vsync. Though many players usually turn Vsync off to increase FPS, turning it on could fix your screen tearing issue. 

  1. Start Nvidia Control Panel
  2. Go to Manage 3D Settings tab
  3. Select Vertical Sync in the list
  4. Choose Force from drop-down menu

In this case, Vsync it forces your monitor to display the correct amount of frames, and thus, prevent the screen from “tearing.” However, you will have to sacrifice higher FPS for a smooth picture.

Be sure to cap your FPS to the refresh rate of your monitor, such as 60fps for a 60Hz monitor. 

Method 2: Change Screen on Xbox One X

The solution for Xbox One X is similar if a bit more complicated. Since there is no option on the console to activate Vsync, the problem can be fixed by connecting your console to a screen that supports at least 120Hz display frequency.

Most modern TVs have a 120 Hz mode. So, in this case, go into your TV’s settings and turn it on. Since the default setting is almost always 60 Hz, switching the value to 120 Hz should eliminate screen tearing.

If your TV doesn’t support high refresh rate, then wait for a new patch that should enable eliminate the issue. 

That’s all you need to know about fixing screen tearing in Modern Warfare. For more Call of Duty: Modern Warfare guides, check out the growing list below:

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